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Re: 'Dogs Eating Dogs' EP Topic

EP's are probably the best way for bands to go now. More money in tours so it'd be better for them to take a few months to do 5-6 songs than take longer to do a full length album. Lot of people aren't that keen on full length albums anymore either. I'm still very much an album person and would prefe...

Re: Official New EP/Album Topic

I don't really understand why some people are complaining about the Christmas song. It's either going to be a song with funny joke lyrics, or it's going to be a really cool rock take on a Christmas song. I Won't Be Home For Christmas was a bit of both - funny lyrics but really cool riffs and a cool...

Re: 07.10.12 - Cardiff, UK - Motorpoint Arena Cardiff

Best show ever! So awesome. Was near the front but it was too much, could hardly breath, moved to the middle and enjoyed even more. Shout out to the asian dude who seemed like he'd never seen a balloon before and wondered what the sticky stuff was when he caught a condom balloon. Also to the person ...

Re: Wishing Well

Did I read that they're making a video for this song for a UK release? Thinking about it I think it was the Blinkumentary dudes who said it on twitter.

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