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Re: BlinkGate 2015

I still fid Mark and Travis side of the story more believable. Tom if you don't want to do Blink anymore which it's been obvious to any Blink fan that you don't just admit it. It's ok. We understand.

Re: 182online's Blinkumentary

Mmk. So I was bored, and figured other members needed something to 'pump them up' to get involved, so I made a fake trailer. it's nothing fancy and not what we'll use when we're actually done but I figured it may get people excited and want to join in. I used the fate fell short title, but it'll lo...

Re: 182online's Blinkumentary

Section suggestions/outline ideas: The last year of blink together (final show before breakup, Always video being made, etc.) The breakup (explanations by the guys) Side projects The Plane Crash The Reunion Anouncement (David Kennedy leaking the reunion on accident and the Grammy's) Reunion TV appe...

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