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Re: F1 2013

^ how can you say that? Chilton dominated F2.

Proper happy for Kimi. Deserved the win.

McLaren just look like a midfield car. Hope they can improve fast.

Re: F1 2013

McLaren are still my number one team but I always want the British drivers to do well, so il be hoping for good performances for Hamilton and Di resta. I think everyone is fond of Kimi, I just love his attitudes to everything, he's the complete opposite to every F1 driver ever. I hope vettel crashes...

Re: F1 2013

By the looks of winter testing, Mercedes haven't fucked up and are in a really strong position to push the top 3.

Re: Football! (soccer)

We did beat leeds what an amazing day! and we have won five games on the bounce now 2 points out of the play offs with more first team players to come back from injury too, looks like we've had out dip in form this season :D

Re: Football! (soccer)

Druska_Corleone wrote:did anybody see the classico??

sorry what???

ha since iv last posted in here, Derby have only won 2 games in the last 9 and dropped from 2nd to 14th :disappoint:

But im going to the boxing day clash Derby vs Leeds should be some good fun :)


4th quarter of 2012 is more likely. Who would release a trailer a year before the release though. I know they could get away with it but I hope it's within the next 6 months. i think like 70% of all game titles are released in the two months leading up to Christmas, so most likely it will be late 2...

Re: Football! (soccer)

wink182 wrote:
Lee wrote:
wink182 wrote:Can not believe Carlos Tevez.
Complete and utter dick!

What happened?

He was asked by Mancini to come on as a sub in the game against Bayern Munich, and refused to come on.

Iv seen now, got a two match suspension, fuck it derby will have him on loan :P

Re: Misfits

Sarah wrote:I've been meaning to check it out, I see gifs of it all the time on tumblr and my friend recommended it to me the other day.

Better than watching Glee ;)

Re: Misfits

i was kidding dude, i always thought we had a plain boring accent, well compared to other area's of England. (Scouse, brummy, gordie)

Re: Football! (soccer)

We play Millwall today, you know that team that has them fans from football factory, or green street, I can't remember. Rowdy fuckers who will stab you for a pack of biscuits. Anyway three points would be nice and move us into 2nd after Brighton drew last night with Leeds.


Re: Misfits

Massive fan of this. also kay..... Im so excited to find out what powers they choose this time around!! OMG I KNOW RIGHT?! I'm assuming Simon is taking the going back in time one, considering... well you know... but besides that, fuck knows! it's going to be cool I'm wondering how long unti...

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