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Re: LeftInDust

Cool stuff, it's always nice to hear new music from you. I quite liked Sing and the Paranoid cover was a surprise, haha. What equipment (guitars, amps, etc) did you guys record all the songs with by the way?

Re: Angels and Airwaves General Discussion Thread

I stopped watching when they were just constantly trying to up the shock value and the brand split happened, I've recently got back into it after reading Bret Hart's book. I also wonder what Matt has been doing, maybe he gets enough money from AvA that he doesn't need to worry about a job. It's nice...

Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

Any of The Beatles fans here listened to 'Let It Be... Naked'? The Long and Winding Road is infinitely better without Phil Spector's production. The Long and Winding Road is much less obnoxious sounding without Spector's wall of sound, I also prefer Across the Universe on the Naked album. Phil Spec...

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