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Re: What would you like?

Tyler wrote:if you're in windows, click with the middle mouse button (like scroll wheel) and it opens in a new one. with mac that works if you have a mouse i think...on a laptop do what ryan said

I'm pretty sure most people know how to do that, but instinctively, I just click the link sometimes.

Re: What would you like?

i was wondering if, when u click on a link posted by someone, it would open up in a new page so that if i keep going further on past the link i dont have to click back a hundred times or retype it. possible? i no, lazy. haha I wanted links to open in new tabs, but apparently Henry couldn't find whe...

Re: New Blink-182 Clip

TheOctopus wrote:FUCKING AWESOME. WOW. SO. HYPED. That sounds so good. Thank you notnow and Tyler.

Shit I'm excited now.

This comment made me laugh.
It was 40 seconds of distorted rubbish so far.

Re: Eminem

It's sad that someone with this much talent has become what Em is today i.e. doing songs with Rihanna. This song is fantastic, off his first album. Has a great east coast-ey flow to it. Rihanna has a good voice. So what if she appeals to a broader audience...

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