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Re: BlinkGate 2015

Man, my concert history also goes way back: - '99: my older cousin had a ticket and wanted to take 11 year old me to the concert in my hometown (Cologne, Germany) but we didn't get another ticket, so he ended up going on his own. - '02: had 2 tickets for the show in Dusseldorf, but the whole tour wa...

Re: BlinkGate 2015

givemeone82 wrote:Listening to "I'm Sorry" is...just wow. Super emotional.

Didn't even have that one in mind. It fits the situation best of all songs. :(

Re: Rolling Stone: Tom.Is.Out.

Naw, don't really think so either. Tom seems like the kind of guy that you can't really say "No" to, so I don't blame Ilan. I just wanted to say that Tom should abandon AvA, be the family guy he always wanted to be and take his final step off the stage (after having apologized). I don't se...

Re: Rolling Stone: Tom.Is.Out.

I agree! However I still think that this story might open Tom's eyes and makes it clear to him that he screwed up big time. An apology would be the least he could give us fans. And kick his ladyfriend Ilan in the nuts in front of some cameras.

Re: Favorite Blink 182 Lyrics

Waggy has some of the best lyrics imo. Especially when you think about the "routine" you spend with your gf: "Is this all going to be just another time That we play this game? I’ve tried to convince you that things could be different But somehow they end up the same But what... Did yo...

Re: 'Dogs Eating Dogs' EP Topic

OFF TOPIC (at the moment at least):

Can anyone else still hit the "edit order" button on the rabbit hole? It seems like my package still has not shipped, I'm starting to worry.

I'm not able to listen to the EP tonight, I need to wait until I get home from work. It hurts so much.

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