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New music video

If anyone care to band just released a new music video.
Hope you don't mind the spanish :cheeky:
The whole thing was done by us and friends of course.
Hope you can check it out!

Feedback needed!

Hey guys, i recently released my band's first album on itunes and as a phisical copy as well. (i am not saying you go out and buy it, but if you could check the itunes previews and let me know what you think, that'd be great!) Our style? Pop punk meets videogames. here are our links; iTunes: https:/...

Lyric Videos

Wow i haven't posted anything in a looong time.. anyway

Just wanted to share with you this lyric video reel i made, with songs like 'disaster' and 'dementia' (owl city).
anyway, thoughts? :cheeky:

Nintendo Pop punk

Hi everybody, we are Gamepad and we play Nintendo pop punk, here are a few of our songs, check us out! any feedback will be appreciated :D one thing you should know is that we sing in spanish, we're from southamerica :cheeky: h...

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