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Re: The Game Thread

Xbox Live Gtags
H2 Gtag: DarkArcAngel
2nd Account: Yosistersspunk
Current Account: tastelikeb4c0n

(I play Halo Series,Some COD, BF3, NCAA 14, NHL, L4D, Skyrim, minecraft)

Bacon Gaming

Hello everyone! I'm introducing you all to Bacon Gaming! It's a Gaming Community both Competitive/Casual. Mainly Xbox. All Games welcome! Over 30+ Members and over 5 and growing members Live-streaming and Recording. If Interested in Joining just give out a holler. You also do receive an editor for m...

Re: NHL 2011/12 season

I don't think Ovie is selfish at all. He's a team player. All the time you see him pass the puck to someone else to make a shot when he clearly had the chance. And he can't help being asked to play in the All Star game; he's one of the most well-known hockey players. ehh.. he is compared to when he...

Goon "New Movie"

I came across a new movie called goon! Sean william scott is in it... or better known as Stiffler from American Pie! it's a hockey movie almost looks like a newer Slap Shot.. but it happens to be a true story.. check it out!

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