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Re: Angels and Airwaves General Discussion Thread

this album had a much better production then neighborhoods. could we get a LOVE part 3? :cheeky: I hope not haha I'm not a big fan of concept albums, and love is not a concept I can fully support and get into. I'd prefer a rock opera over another concept album. wait, you know that untitled was a co...

Re: The Game Thread

I am more interested in Assassins Creed when that comes out. I know most of you here are not big fans but I am so pumped!

As for MW3 I think I am going to wait and get it for Christmas

Re: Song vs. Song Game

dizzle_fortyfour wrote:
TheOctopus wrote:Snake Charmer Vs Obvious

At times like these, it's obvious... that the winner is Snake Charmer.

Snake Charmer vs Touchdown Boy

I see what you did there...

Snake Charmer vs. Down

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