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Re: The Game Thread

I've been wanting to buy a PS4 for a while. I've got an xbone, I want a PS4 for solo games that I won't play with friends and exclusives, so the new spider-man game when it comes out, the remastered Last of Us and the sequel when it comes out, and some of the remastered PS2 games for sure. I've pla...

Re: The Game Thread

xDumpweed182x wrote:How about Pokémon GO though?

Never thought it'd get this big here, seriously I kinda live in the middle of nowhere and you see lots of people playing it.
It's fun but it crashes waaaaaay too much.

Re: Sum 41

the official music video... they have 3 guitarists now? since when? also, and more importantly, why?! from that song I heard there's barely anything that requires three guitars. unless your some kind of hardcore melodic metal band, you don't need 3 goddamn guitarists. deryck had a severe back injur...

Re: Game of Thrones

You don't even know. The end of that episode basically redefined everything we thought we know about the series altogether and it makes George RR Martin look fucking brilliant. Basically the entire show is about Bran. Bran made the Mad King go insane, "Burn them all" is going to be tied s...

Re: The Game Thread

Last of Us was a cool game to play. It's pretty linear but tells a great story and the quality is outstanding. Heard the multiplayer was a lot of fun, too. Personally I've been playing a shitload of Hearthstone and Rocket League lately, in addition to Twilight Princess HD. Having never played TP be...

Re: The Game Thread

currently playing uncharted 4 and wolfenstein :old blood(loved new order).
Uncharted 4 is amazing, perhaps not the best uncharted storywise but still it's great fun

Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

Tyler wrote:I cant get it until next week, local place didn't get it in yet. I'm more excited for the "unplugged" 2nd disc than the actual album lol

Is there an official stream anywhere?

Well you can find it on spotify, not sure if spotify work in australia though

Re: Sum 41

StrongTower182 wrote:If Dave comes back I wonder if Steve would too.

That would be awesome but honestly i don't see it happening anytime soon

Re: Travis Barker - Can I Say (Book)

I'll totally buy this. I'm currently reading Frank Turner's book and I love reading stories that musicians go through. It'd be a shame if I didn't buy the drummer of my favorite band's book about his life. Plus, like many, I feel like I know nothing about it would definitely be an inter...

Re: Movies/TV You've Seen Recently

Jurassic World: 10/10 Captures the awe and wonderment of the original. This I dunno why people are bitching so much about this movie, it's a fucking movie about dinosaurs for fucks sake it's not supposed to have a brilliant plot, it's supposed to be 100% entertaintment and JW does that pretty well

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