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Re: Love Is Dangerous

i love this song though the lyric that goes "i cant fake it, i cant brush it off" according to the booklet sounds like "i cant fake it, i cant cant brush it off" to me. anyone else? what is he saying?!

Re: How has Blink changed your life?

My friend introduced me to the self-titled cd when i was in grade school. i was like wow this is great and had my dad buy me the cd, the edited one unfortunately. i had no clue what the lyrics meant but it was so awesome. awhile later i checked out all of their other albums and was like wow these gu...

Re: So lets discuss it!

yodda wrote:
roflzjohn wrote:these are my plays according to my ipod. didnt even know this was possible.


i was just sharing because i thought it was an awful lot. you dont gotta comment if you have nothing to say. thanks.

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