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Re: Official New EP/Album Topic

Blink’s newest “music installment” will be coming out on Christmas. “There is a Christmas song and then there’s just songs, just kind of our gift to our fans on Christmas,” says Barker. “We were in the studio all last week and we wrote a lot of good songs. Really stoked on it.” Next year, the band ...

Re: Official New EP/Album Topic From Mark: EP out December 18th, hopefully all 5 songs make it, but they'll decide wh...

Re: I think Up All Night is FAKE

yodda wrote:
Muttweed182 wrote:Is anyone else just totally bummed that besides your own tour date that we have nothing to look forward involving blink for a long time :(

oh u have nothing to complain about
seeing blink-182 is enough isn't it.

us aussies and poms are the people who truly will be bored

well said mate :(

Re: Fuel TV Performance

its an action sports channel
but they have a show called the daily habbit where tehy usually have rad bands playing and some shit ones
this is obviously from that
i wanna find out when it will air.

Re: Blink Tattoos

hey guys getting the smiley tattoo on wednesday
either on peck above nipple or on the point of my back
where you rekon would look best ?

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