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Re: California Official Discussion

My favourite song on the album is cynical by far. So fucking cool. I might even go as far as to say it might be my favourite blink song of all time. Other ones I really enjoyed were kings of the weekend and left alone. I didn't enjoy 'California'.. 'Spending time inside together' wtf? But other than...

Re: Bored to Death Discussion

After like 100+ listens probably, it is now extremely easy to pick Mark and Matt's voices apart. I honestly think the vocals were mixed really well. Sounds sounds the best he has since +44. As a whole, I'm super stoked with everything about the song. And if Tom was a part of the band still, the song...

Re: Bored to Death Discussion

I just want to say a big 'in your fucking face' to whoever was saying a few weeks ago that we're all delusional if we think that Matt is going to be a fulltime member, or that the album was going to be released under the name blink-182.

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