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Re: California Official Discussion

c_ortiz93 wrote:Totally random thing happened. I was listening to Home is Such a Lonely Place while thinking about the death of someone close to me and teared the fuck up.

My Dad passed away a few weeks ago so that's exactly how I feel everytime I listen to that song. I really attached myself to it.

Re: Rabbit Hole Discussion

Wow, thank you all very much. It feels really good to read your replies, I do have a therapist and have been talking about it. It's tough, I've just been trying to hang out with my family as much as possible. Music has always been a therapeutic outlet for me and blink has always been my favorite ban...

Re: Rabbit Hole Discussion

People need to stop expecting a song or film to change their lives, it won't. Only they can do that themselves. I also feel like nothing is as good as it use to be, whether that's music or movies. That's on me though, my emotions keep going on like a roller coaster probably because my Father passed ...

Re: Rabbit Hole Discussion

Waggy wrote:Everyday I wake up and feel like my frickin' bir-day.

Wow the shit they play on the radio. Horrendous.

Edit: I take it back about the previous song the current song is fucking HORRENDOUS. Might be the worst song I have heard in a while. I hope Rabbit Hole is worth this torture.

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