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My Blink 182 collection Site

Just spent a little bit of time updating my blink 182 collection site and thought i'd post it here incase anyone wanted to take a look. Blink 182, Angels & Airwaves, +44, and Box Car Racer items. Vinyl included

Re: Boomer for boobies

Only one show is sold out. I might cry cause it's not available in Tampa. The one's that are not available are because the whole band is doing meet and greets. Mark told me they are doing a meet and greet as a band in DC where I am going and its not availa...

Re: Blink-182 Collectors Thread

Ah, man, what do I have... - Buddha (green) - Cheshire Cat (blink-182) - Dude Ranch - Enema of the State - TOYPAJ (Green/Jacket) - The Mark, Tom and Travis Show - Box Car Racer - Untitled - We Don't Need to Whisper (signed by Tom, David, Atom and Ryan) - I-Empire - When Your Heart Stops Beating (pi...

Re: TOYPAJ EP's Vinyl

I posted this topic yesterday but... "The following reason was given for the disapproval: The reported message does not fit into any other category, please use the further information field. This does not need a thread of it's own, please put it in the general blink discussion thread. -- Thanks...

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