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Re: California Official Discussion

Dude!! Aren't these guys freakin' dope!? A lot of people didn't like the album that came after Caution ... The New What Next ... people HATED it ... but that was a really monumental album for me. It's what got me into the whole emo stuff. "Caution" is a great album, but the song it's name...

Re: California Official Discussion

Broccoli_Apocalypse wrote:I'm still loving the crap out of this album. It's actually #2 for me, and I think it's there to stay.

Dude, totally unrelated, but i JUST started listening to Hot Water Music a couple of weeks ago and didn't notice your avatar until just now hahaha great record.

Re: The Other Bands Random Topic

This year has been full of great shows so far. I just regret missing out on seeing the Descendents earlier this month. So far the best band I've seen live this year is The Interrupters, but Against Me!/Bad Religion next Friday might surpass em. So fucking excited.

Re: "She's Out Of Her Mind" single release set for 10/11/16

I really don't see being saddened by the current state of affairs with the band as some form of obsessive issue. The album isn't good, and they're relying on nostalgia. I'm not exactly grasping at straws, there's a reason that despite this records success, it's critical responses are way more muddl...

Re: "She's Out Of Her Mind" single release set for 10/11/16

If you gave me two choices: Either A another crappy video with Teenagers sitting around doing nothing, or B a re-do of a classic music video with attractive women. I'd choose B, every time. 1 million percent agree. The internet just annoys me sometimes. Gotta say I think that's a good point. If I c...

Re: Sum 41

Only got to listen to the first half of the record on my way to work. Stopped after War. I gotta say, it's definitely good so far, but I think there's a bit too much production, like if they're trying to sound like Tonight Alive's last record or something. Also, Deryck's voice is at an uncomfortably...

Re: There's definitely a new Green Day album coming this year

Only song I enjoy is Say Goodbye. Outlaws is alright, barely. Otherwise it's not very interesting. It's actually making me re-appreciate the Trilogy because there were a few songs of substance on there, especially in comparison to this forgettable pile of shit. lol

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