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Home is Such a Lonely Place Cover and Bored to Death Remix

The cover I've been working on for a while with a friend. Would love any opinions or feedback. The remix takes the verses and pre-choruses from Steve Aoki's and combines it with the choruses of the original, and removes the drops. This I threw together in a...

Re: California Official Discussion

So far I'm really digging Cynical, Home is Such a Lonely Place, Bored to Death, Left Alone and I think there's another one but I forget. The choruses in Cynical and Home are fantastic and I still love the breakdown in Bored to Death. The Only Thing That Matters also has glimpses of a Dude Ranch era ...

Re: Rabbit Hole Discussion

I don't hate it. It's just boring. Generic. Not really catchy. Reminds me of any throw away on an alternative radio station. Hope it's not indicative of the rest of the album, especially since Mark said he thought this would be a fan favorite.

Re: Bored to Death Discussion

This is incredibly catchy. Mark's melody in the bridge is classic blink. I will say this both quelled some of my concerns as well as showed me that some might be legitimate. It's catchy, familiar while being fresh (despite the intro sounding like Adam's Song and the verses like Love is Dangerous), a...

Re: Upgraded my "home studio". Looking for any opinions.

Sounds great, dude. I was very impressed. Also I hope you don't mind, but I heard this after my oldest friend's brother died and the chorus of the tune's instrumental got to me. I laid some crappy vocals over it just for lulz and recorded it today before I forgot it.

Upgraded my "home studio". Looking for any opinions.

Upgraded my home studio recently, and I've been messing around with a track that I never officially completed because I was never quite satisfied with the sound or the vocals. I've only gotten the instrumental mixed thus far, but I'm wondering if anyone could give some opinions on the mix quality th...

Re: Grim Citizens

This sounds legit. I feel like these could fill out an oldschool THPS soundtrack. Track 3 really reminds me of blink from the clip. The guitar playing sounds badass in 4. 5 reminds me of Don't Fear the Reaper. Liking what I hear and the production quality is great. Congrats on the impending release.

Re: Never on Time: "Not Punktual" - My band's new album

Hey thanks so much!! That first track is probably our heaviest though and one of our best so hopefully the rest doesn't disappoint. And yes it's me singing for most of the songs. My guitarist sings a few too. I think it sounds better just from the fact that it's not a copy and there's no original to...

Never on Time: "Not Punktual" - My band's new album

Yeo...this is the first full album we've been able to release in about 6 years, so it's a pretty big deal to us. Pop Punk style ala blink-182. Nothing unique or special, but it's all self-produced so I'm pretty proud of it nonetheless. Would love any opinions.

Re: BlinkGate 2015

Honestly the most heartbreaking part of this entire thing, regardless of who is to blame, is that it just boils down to Mark and Travis versus Tom again . Yeah not sure if I can honestly stomach that again. Just comes off as so petty and childish to watch grown men trash each other out in the open ...

Re: BlinkGate 2015

I feel bad for Tom. There, I said it. You're totally allowed to feel sympathy for Tom. He is, in a strange way, a tragic figure. That doesn't mean he can't be a coward, a liar, a hypocrite, and unprofessional. He's only human. He can be all those things. I just don't necessarily believe he's all th...

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