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Re: BlinkGate 2015

I have not read any articles, but is it far fetched to expect an album from Mark Travis and Matt? At best im hoping for an EP and a tour at some point in the future.

Re: Twenty One Pilots

I love 21P. There latest album doesnt really do much for me like Vessell did. It still has some good tunes.

I do agree about the fanbase though, ive seen them in 300 cap rooms too. The fanbase has changed a fair bit once the vessell cycle had finished IMO!

Mark Hoppus / Paws / Plays Family Reunion at Pub

Hey, Long time no post in the forum. I was at pub for a band called PAWS in Glasgow, Scotland (100Cap room), and Mark Hoppus was there. He came on and played Family Reunion too. He is working with PAWS on their new album. My friend is working with Mark and introduced me to him after, and he hung abo...


Yeah, im pretty much done with the band now for a bit. I've forked out £230 for a festival mainly because of them.

TITP have replaced them with Pete Docherty and/or Slash. I mean for fuck sake! Thats rubbing salt in the wounds.

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