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Re: BlinkGate 2015

I was fine with Tom's response for the most part until he dropped: But I guess that’s another example of how I differ from most. I follow the light… I follow passion and I make art. I hang with my son, my daughter and my wife. Wtf? Why drop such a pretentious line unnecessarily. Makes me think more ...

Re: Angels and Airwaves General Discussion Thread

I think it's bullshit that the album isn't going up on Spotify because Tom all of a sudden believes that streaming is stealing money from the artist. He's just trying to ride Taylor Swift's coattails. Last I remember, he released LOVE for free because he believed that artists should get their money ...

Re: MMA Discussion Topic

Damn, a year ago I would have never guessed that Bendo would be the LW champion. I'd love to see him face Pettis next and get revenge for that Showtime kick hahah. And as for Edgar, I think he should cut down to FW and fight Aldo. That would be one hell of a fight.

Re: So lets discuss it!

It's weird, cause the day before the album leaked, I took an afternoon nap and had a dream the album leaked. I couldn't remember what they sounded like, but I distinctly remember looking at it on my itunes. Now here I am 2 days later, looking at the album leak in my itunes. Dreams really do come tru...

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