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Re: 'Dogs Eating Dogs' EP Topic

It's so funny that Yelawolf is on that song because I saw a taping of Hoppus on Music where Mark interviewed him and it was super awkward and they didn't seem like they got along and Yelawolf refused to take his sunglasses off the whole time even though the crew kept saying they were getting too muc...

Re: HOPPUS on music

I went to a taping today. The table discussion part was really funny, and Mac Miller was there, and then there was a really awkward interview with Yelawolf. The crew told him to take off his glasses because they were making a reflection but he wouldn't do it. And then he seemed like he was stoned ou...

Re: blink-182 in the future.

I think Neighborhoods is the type of album where they say it's the best thing they've ever done right now but then once they're doing press for their next album they'll do the tell-all interview with Kerrang or something and say that Neighborhoods wasn't the best.

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