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Re: California Official Discussion

Blink beating out Drake (I'm a fan) and making it to #1 gives me hope for humanity. I think it's fair to say that this album's reception far exceeded any of our expectations. Not really My dream expectation is that they'd take their music in an interesting direction in the style of Fugazi or The Pi...

Re: California Official Discussion

I like the album. But something interesting is that with every single release so far, including Dogs Eating Dogs, as soon as the full album was available, i basically could not stop listening the whole day. With this, i listened twice, and feel like I dont need to. Will listen again tomorrow

Re: Is "California" a step forward, step backward, or status quo?

Honestly, i think its a step back. Its more consistent than neighborhoods, but I think the highs of Neighborhoods are significantly better than the highs on California. That being said, the lows are also worse...for the most part (Im looking at you California (the song)), but nonetheless this album ...

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