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Ryan. wrote:I like it.
I like the production and the rawness of it.
its not the masterpiece that some people are saying it is but it is decent

Exactly my feelings too. Some songs are better than others, but it's pretty good.

Re: The Office

I hated how cliche the finale seemed at times. Everyone is buddy-buddy and Jim and Dwight are best friends now? What the hell? I guess I missed some stuff by not watching the last few seasons..

Overall though, I thought they ended it fairly well.

Re: The Other Bands Random Topic Really looking forward to the new Vampire Weekend album. I'm not a fan of the 'chipmunk' effect they used in that song. But I heard this song on the radio and had to shazam it because I was jamming out to it in my car not knowing who it was.

Re: 2013 NFL Offseason

A55VA6 wrote:Loved the Rams draft. Tavon Austin, Ogletree, Stedman Bailey, etc. I'm really excited for this season!

I really wanted the Packers to trade up in the 4th for Barrett Jones. I bet he'll be great for you guys in a few years.

Re: 2013 NFL Offseason

Bengals did great today, I love the gio pick and margus hunt looks like a beast. Curious what matt thinks about Eddie lacy... Not thrilled to be honest. He was probably the bpa, but he has so much bust potential. First of all, our offensive line is garbage at run blocking. If you watch his tape at ...

Re: 2013 NFL Offseason

Ted Thompson must have read my mind :heart: (Y)

Henry, I was really hoping Eifert was going to fall a couple more to us, but you guys made a great pick. That guy is a beast in all aspects of the TE game.

Re: 2013 NFL Offseason

The Packers desperately need a long 3-4 DE and I hope they pick one round 1. I like Datone Jones, but he can be inconsistent (I drool looking at Dion Jordan). In round 2 I want them to take a Saftey, but if there is a good value ILB I'd be ok with that too. I don't see the need for us to pick a WR o...

Re: 2013 NFL Offseason

I can't wait for the Jags to grab the first punter off the board. >_> In related news, I like the jerseys, but I hate the tw...

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