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Re: California Official Discussion

And I don't know how this album is lazy. At all. Lol that is pretty good. To be fair, I'm not sure if that was out of laziness, being 'rushed' to finish an album, or intentional. Also, it's not just the woah's/nanas that are repetitive, it's also the guita...

Re: California Official Discussion

I agree with quite a few of you here in regards to how California is a forgettable album. I've enjoyed listening to it since it came out, but I also think that it will have the shortest shelf-life out of any of their albums. That being said, I am very very curious to hear the songs they did without ...

Re: California Official Discussion

It has been interesting and fun reading the reactions in the forum. Really neat that everyone has mixed reactions of the album and individual songs, but that's to be expected. To my surprise I'm actually really enjoying the album. I wasn't sure after hearing Bored to Death and especially Rabbit Hole...

Re: No Future Discussion

Definitely my favourite song just based on the first listen. I'm really curious how I'll like this album when it comes out, and maybe even a year from now. I was listening to Neighborhoods the other day and was amazed at how much I love the first half of that album. From the 3 songs released I think...

Re: Angels and Airwaves / Tom Delonge General Discussion Thread

The talking to Travis about recording/touring is the strangest part. It would be great to hear Travis' side of things. If it is true, could it mean another BCR or maybe Tom will take part in blink part-time? Who's exciting that he hasn't officially severed ties with the band though.

Re: Rabbit Hole Discussion

I am liking the song the more I listen to it. I too am a little nervous if the entire album will sound like this and BTD, but I am still excited. Like others have said, you can't judge an entire album based off two songs. For me, it also depends on where the songs fit in on the album. For example if...

Re: Bored to Death Discussion

That's a great first impression for the rest of the album! It's definitely a good 'single' and a bit of a safe song (very good song to introduce the new line-up and new album though) but I still really like it. Probably the best bridge of any blink song since Untitled too haha.

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