blink-182 have been nominated for a Grammy. Yes, you read that correctly. A FREAKIN' GRAMMY! blink-182's back-to-their-roots record 'California' has been nominated for Best Rock Album ! In total blink-182 have received 10 nominations in the past for Kerrang!, MTV and Teens Choice awards (amongst others), but they have never been nominated for a Grammy - until now! THEY DID IT! Do you think blink-182 has what it takes to win this year? why not discuss it with us on our forums!

blink-182 big announcement November 6th?!

blink-182 are making a 'very special announcement' on Sunday November 6th, from 7pm. As this is the BBC, this probably means 7pm UK time, so for you USA fans thats 2pm EST or 11am PST. Now there's a very high probability that the announcement is the 'official' unveiling of the European tour. There has already been a few dates semi-announced for this, including Download Festival in France, which suggests they'll also be performing at the UK Download festival as well. It being the European tour would also make sense because they're announcing it on UK radio, and the image above (and posted in magazines) randomly states '2017',

blink-182 European Tour Dates!

blink-182 have previously mentioned that they would likely tour Europe next year during the summer. This seems to be true! as we are already starting to get blink-182 shows confirmed for the next year! blink-182 will be one of the headline acts for Nova Rock in Austria, the festival takes place from the 14th - 17th of June, 2017. Click here for info! They are also rumoured to be performing at Hurricane / Southside Festival (23rd - 25th of June) in Germany, which we will confirm soon. There are still some USA dates in December, but it looks like blink-182 are planning their big European tour! Who's excited?! Why

Travis Barker

Updated: Mark Hoppus Posts Pics & Tweets From The Studio

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Mark tweeted:

530am. up and at them. #blink182 rehearsals today. getting ready to get ready for tour.

Mark blogged:

First One at the Studio

about to get very loud in here. gonna play some bass and rehearse by myself before everyone else shows up.

Lettuce - Mark Hoppus' Bass

Mark blogged:

Doing Some Out-of-Tune Singing

waiting for everyone to show up at the studio, doing some sketchy singing. need to be doing this every day now, getting the old pipes up to par (sports reference) for the tour. determined to play better than i ever have. chops!!

Mark Hoppus Singing

UPDATE: Mark tweeted:

mr. delonge has entered the building.

UPDATE (2): Mark tweeted:

all of us are in the studio now. getting into it. going back to TOYPAJ songs.

UPDATE (3): Mark tweeted:

me and @trvsbrkr on a break here at the studio, both on our computers, on the twitter machines! what’s up travis? we’re on a couch!!

UPDATE (4): Travis tweeted:

Practicing wit Mark & Thoma$.

UPDATE (5): Mark tweeted:

Tom just totally faced me. There are NO lead vox in the 1st chorus of I Miss You!! Well there should’ve been!! I’ll waste him on rock show.

UPDATE (6): Mark tweeted:

good rehearsal. mostly talked & hung out, then went through a bunch of songs. tom bailed, and now it’s just a bunch of dudes hanging out.

UPDATE (7): Mark tweeted:

Yo that last post wasn’t a dig. We were done with rehearsal and now me trav and the crew are just hanging out wasting time and working.

Video: More TRV$ DJ-AM Live @ Coachella

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TRV$ DJ-AM – Rock With You (Live @ Coachella 4.18.09)

TRV$ DJ-AM – Regulate w/ Warren G (Live @ Coachella 4.18.09)

Video: TRV$ DJ-AM – One More Time (Live @ Coachella)

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Check out this video of TRV$ DJ-AM performing One More Time live at Coachella!

Travis Returns With A Vengeance

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Following his Coachella appearance with TRV$ DJ-AM, Travis tweeted: – Lots of bloody sticks tonight.


Travis tweeted: – My finger is clean now and healing for practice this week.


Buzznet Interview Travis Barker and DJ-AM

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Travis Barker And DJ AM Talk Beats, Blink-182 And Coachella

Buzznet caught an exclusive interview with the boys of TRV$DJAM before they took the trek out to the desert to play this year’s Coachella Festival.When Travis Barker (Blink-182, +44) and DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) join forces even Michael Jackson might be caught dancing. Find out which artists would make DJ AM and Travis’ ultimate tour.

Travis Barker DJ-AM Read more

A Pre-Coachella Interview With Travis Barker

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A pre-Coachella interview with Travis Barker

We’re only a day away from Coachella and I have a special surprise for you!

Travis Barker and DJ AM will be at Coachella on Saturday, but they both took the time to do an e-mail interview with me.

If you don’t know, Travis is from Fontana and lived in Corona for a while.

Check out TRV$DJ-AM in the Sahara Tent on Saturday night at Coachella.

Many thanks to Jenni Weinman for setting this up as well as to Travis and to DJ AM for taking the time to answer.

Also, the interview with DJ AM will be posted here later today.

There’s a print story running in the paper on Friday, but here is the interview with Travis. He talks about Coachella, Goldenvoice, his solo record, and his favorite spots in the I.E. He also alludes to the plane crash that he and AM survived last September. However, he didn’t talk about the blink-182 reunion.



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