A Day To Remember enjoying the blink-182 tour; Forbes reveals blink’s natural tie to BMG


MySanAntonio.com talked a bit with blink-182 tourmates A Day To Remember about what the tour was like so far, and their takeaways on playing with blink:

“…it’s been pretty awesome for us, and once we’re done, Blink comes on and it’s an explosion. I love watching them come out every night because people just freak out. I’m right there with (fans), too. My energy level is on maximum.”

Read more on MySanAntonio.com.

Forbes.com spoke with blink, the band’s management, and prominent members of the famous KROQ to gain their perspective on how blink’s California album got to the number one spot.

One of blink’s managers Lawrence Vavra had a few interesting takes especially:

“The first year they were recording, just the three of them, no producer, I hadn’t heard anything. But after a couple of weeks I went in and heard stuff they’d been working on with John Feldmann,” he says. “The first thing I heard was ‘Built This Pool’ and a song like ‘Built This Pool’ would not have been on this record had the dynamic not changed. Once I heard that a smile came over my face.”

He also provided unique insight on how blink-182 got paired with BMG to release California in lieu of doing an independent release:

“Originally I wanted the guys to put up their own money and we would just do everything ourselves. But the compromise was again we’ll have BMG put up the money and we’ll still put everything ourselves, but at least now the guys aren’t coming out of pocket,” he says. “So we did it and we were geared up, we were gonna do everything ourselves, we have all that stuff in house. But once Vagrant was acquired by BMG they brought in this group that really understood the culture with Blink. So we started working in tandem with them where they would supply the product management. We still would do everything and we’d spend the money how we wanted to, but now we had a couple more soldiers and their radio guy, Nick. So now all of a sudden we had a good radio team and we didn’t have to listen to a major label spend the money they wanted to spend, we’d just spend it ourselves the way we wanted to. And who better than us to know what moves the needle for the band?”

Read the full article at Forbes.com.

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