New interview with Upset Magazine & tour photos


blink-182 spoke with Upset Magazine about their new album California, and Mark and Matt weighed in on the opening track, “Cynical:”

“It does set the mood and the pace of the record; it starts off self-questioning and then Travis’ phenomenal drumming kicks in, then the guitars and it just takes off,” adds Mark. “The intro is me talking about myself and the creative process I go through every day. I start every song with this fear, thinking I’m never going to write another good song, and then we go into the studio and things fall into place. There’s a moment when you’re driving home from the studio with a brand new song playing on your car stereo, and there’s such a feeling of joy, accomplishment, pride and excitement. Then I wake up the next day, thinking I’ll never write another good song.”

“I didn’t know that until just now,” admits Matt. The pair fed off what each other was singing across ‘California’, but they never spelled it out for one another. “For me, ‘Cynical’ is about the moment of panic when the phone rings. It makes me think of when I was going through a divorce and I wouldn’t check my email because I would just be getting legal bills and requests. It was a fucking mess. An uptown mess, in retrospect it wasn’t that big of a deal, but it was that panic of what is this going to be? It really struck a chord with me and the rest of it wrote itself. That happened throughout the whole record and I think we make a really good team, all three of us.”

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With the tour kicking off, as usual there are a flurry of spectacular photos coming in from social media.

All credit goes to JustWillieT, RobertNoise, and Travis Barker.

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