John Feldmann’s insight into California’s production; tour starts tonight!


In this cool interview with California’s producer John Feldmann, the energetic lead singer of Goldfinger gives interesting insight to the production of Blink-182’s latest album.

“One of [Blink’s] long-standing members [Tom DeLonge] left the band and there was a bunch of question marks for them as far as what their career looked like. They tried doing stuff on their own and it was coming out a bit like patchwork.

“There wasn’t really a thread sonically throughout the songs they’d written. Had all that stuff come together, I wouldn’t have been considered [to produce California].

“Like Steve Jobs says, you can only see where you’re at in your life by connecting the dots backwards. No-one has a crystal ball to see the future, but everything that’s happened in my life has led to me having the privilege of producing Blink.

“This project came to me because I was ready to do it, because of all the experience I’ve had being in a band and helping other bands get signed and making their records.”

Additionally, the blink-182 tour kicks off tonight with a show in San Diego, CA.  Visit and scroll down to their tour section for full dates and times.

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