Pre-Tour News Roundup


Need your blink fix before their tour starts?  Here’s a handful of interesting pieces of news on the band that may interest you.

FORBES:  Who Are These Alt-Rock Fans Snapping Up Blink-182 Over Drake?

The Southern Californian band, founded in 1992, previously had most of its mainstream success in the early 2000s, has come back partly thanks to a long-time and loyal fan base of these rock fans with a penchant for nostalgia. Marketing people might want to know who they are – they sound a rich seam to mine.

THE NEW YORKER:  blink-182:  Punk For All Ages

Their adolescent outlook, especially in the early years, occasionally found expression in spiteful breakup songs in which boys wonder what’s wrong with girls. “Enema of the State” included “Dumpweed,” a downright giddy farewell to a “nightmare” girlfriend, in which DeLonge sings, “I need a girl that I can train.” But many of Blink’s best songs endure because they turn inward: the lovelorn boy has sense enough to wonder what’s wrong with him.

DIY:  Let’s Start Over:  Blink-182

Dick jokes may still be present in Blink-182’s ranks but a lot has changed since the release of their last record. Following their high-profile comeback, and post-reunion album ‘Neighborhoods’, it was back at the start of 2015 that the tide really shifted for the trio. A sudden and well-documented bust up occurred between Mark and the band’s drummer Travis Barker, and former guitarist Tom DeLonge. Exactly what went on behind closed doors, no one will ever really know, but now, almost eighteen months later, the band look as tightly-knit as ever with Skiba by their side.


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