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John Feldmann spoke to Fuse about the way the tracks on California came together and their meanings. We’re going to post some samples, but you can read the whole thing yourself here.


We’re starting the album out with “This is who we are, this is what we’re doing.”

Bored To Death

My idea for the song was very much, “let’s throw everything and the kitchen sink at it.” Let’s do everything I can think of that reminds me of classic Blink: the guitar riffs, the kind of hip-hop/drum and bass songs, the half-time choruses like in “Stay Together For the Kids,” I had all these ideas and we threw them into one song with a classic Mark Hoppus lyric.

She’s Out Of Her Mind

It was song originally called “Orange County Girl.” Mark’s wife is from Orange County. We wanted to write a classic, no-brainer pop-punk song: major key, fun, happy, classic.

Los Angeles

I’d say “Los Angeles” is definitely the heaviest song on the record. We needed to experiment on the darker side of where Neighborhoods left off, where Blink-182 left off.


Mark wrote the lyrics about falling in love with his wife, being on the road, the dichotomy of having to perform and being wasted, that’s some of the most inopportune times…

Built This Pool

He played the song, the guitar came in, he said “Yeah I get it.” He played it once and was like “Is that it?” and we left it in.

No Future

My agenda was to have an album that was palatable for a generation of ADD kids. In the end, Travis was right. “No Future” could be my favorite song on the record.

Home Is Such A Lonely Place

We were talking about what the day is going to look like when we’ve had our families for so long, what’s going to happen when they leave? What are our lives going to look like when we built them around our children? He had this concept of our kids being gone. Everyone cried when we played it for them.

Kings Of The Weekend

We’ve all had day jobs and we all know what it’s like to have that day off to do what we want, this is that song.

Teenage Satellites

Mark had this idea of being kid and not knowing who you are, not having enough courage to say what you mean. That’s “Teenage Satellites.”

Left Alone

Matt Skiba really put up his hand and said “Let me take this one,” and came up with this epic chorus idea and chorus melody.

Rabbit Hole

As an adult, to go backwards and ask, “What was that first thought that caused me to go through this spiral of nothingness?” The idea of the song is “I’m not going to go down this rabbit hole of negative thinking.” That’s where the song started.

San Diego

The history of the song [is about] growing up in San Diego, having so many of their work partners being from San Diego and having a member who lives in San Diego who is no longer in the band…it was a song that Mark didn’t want to write.

The Only Thing That Matters

this is one that fits the bill of what Southern California pop-punk feels like when I was growing up.


We all liked the idea of writing a song about our state, where we live and love. To me it’s the most beautiful place in the world, this song was us giving credit to how lucky we are to have lived here and grown up here, raising families here, the whole thing.

Brohemian Rhapsody

that one came together from start to finish, from the inception to the mix, literally in nine minutes. It was over before it even started.

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