Kerrang interview with John Feldmann


In today’s Kerrang magazine they spoke to John Feldmann about working with blink-182 on the new album. Its a short interview but just gives us a few more insights into Feldmann working with blink-182.

“blink-182 has got as strong a legacy as any band I’ve ever worked with, and it’s a legitimate legacy, too. It’s also something that I deeply respect. I’ve known these guys for 20 years and it’s not something that i’m taking lightly. We’ve been pulling in 18-hour days since I’ve been given this beautiful opportunity in order to focus on what the band is about [in 2016]. I mean the guys aren’t 23 anymore – you know, they’re dads now – so they’re no longer writing songs about poo and pee and that kind of stuff. But there’s still got to be a sense of humour to it; it’s got to be fun and funny, but also age-appropriate! Theres’ got to be growth on the album, and there is”

The full page from Kerrang is below.

“Because the band are now working with Matt, who is such a great guy, the challenge for me is how do we make a wonderful record that doesn’t sound like a blink cover band, with a new singer, and that doesn’t sound like Alkaline Trio?”

“And I think we’ve done that. It sounds fucking great, and i’m just do excited to have people hear it. I’d day it’s on of the best records I’ve ever made in my life.
When it comes to recording with Matt [on blink], I was thinking about what the closest parallel might be in music terms, and I guess it would be like replacing Paul McCartney or John Lennon in The Beatles. Tom and Mark really were a pair of lead singers. But Mark sings a lot of people’s favourite blink songs!”

Its not that far off the sound of old blink-182,
thanks to Travis’ iconic drum sound


“In the history of drumming, there’s no-one like Travis, he just brings in so many variables, from drum’n’bass to hip-hop to dubstep. Travis plays his beats better than anyone.

He’s fucking unbelievable, man


“So, with Travis on drums and Mark on vocals, when I hear the new stuff I’m not hearing a huge departure. And that’s why I think that when people hear this album – they’re gonna love it.”


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  1. Evan Frazier

    Im so fucking excited for this album..