Travis Interview with Mr Wavvy


Travis recently spoke with Mr. Wavvy about Musink Festival, regrets on Neighbourhoods and the upcoming Blink-182 album.

Check it out and let us know what you think in the forums.

Thanks to Elevator in our forums for the run down:

– Travis was in studio for a month or so. Says it should satisfy old fans while the new sound will attract new ones. Says Skiba is a “perfect fit.”
– Mark said Matt was the “only person” who could replace Tom.
– Said anything going forward after “tapping out” with Tom had to be blink-182, not a return to +44.
– blink represents “eternal youth.” Mark and Travis never wanted to change blink’s sound. Said Tom was obsessed with U2 and wanted to sound like coldplay the last couple of albums. Said that he didn’t want side projects to bleed into blink, loves blink for what it is. Said the new album has a “dangerous” sound that really emerged with Skiba.
– Neighborhoods & Dogs Eating Dogs regrets: Neighborhoods was rough because of disagreements on sound and couldn’t ever get together in a studio. Neighborhoods was “cool” but had misses. There’s 26 songs they have concrete, but have to carry 12, and nobody can agree on which 12 to use. W/ Neighborhoods they never had that issue, only wrote 12 songs, and those songs made the album. Implied it’s a good problem to have.
– Interscope was being weird toward the end of their relationship. Said that Jerry Finn’s death really devastated the band recording. Said it was his idea to bring Feldman into the mix and after Mark and Matt agreed they’ve all agreed it’s been an amazing experience.
– New album concepts: Without saying too much, says there’s a sense of Los Angeles inspiration with the record.
– Said he says he’s contributed a bit to lyrics, but not pen to paper. Has done drum freestyles to start the creative process, helping develop bridges/etc.
– To prove w/ the new blink album: Said DED/Neighborhoods there was “inconsistency” and apologized to fans for the letdowns. Gently implied that Tom was dragging down things to an incredible extent.
– Said the new blink album will be “fucking great.”
– The meaning of life is “do what you love, and love what you do.”
– blink touring: expect single top of summer then a summer tour

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  1. Dale

    So hyped. Can’t wait to hear new and improved Blink!!!