There’s been a lot of little snippets about the studio over the past week! We’ve had Travis posting snapchats from the studio –

















We’ve had Mark talk about bass recording on his instagram account –

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 10.59.04


“I thought this would live safe and protected on a wall but now it has become the main recording bass for this album. Today I am play the bass. Fender Jaguar with Seymour Duncan quarter pound pickups in my flipped configuration. Ernie Ball super slinky bass strings. Mediocre bass player who drives it.”

We’ve had Travis’s drum tech posting a lot about being in the studio, equipment on the drums and just general positivity… not to mention lots of Star Wars stuff.

And finally today Travis posted an instagram post about being in the studio with Matt, Mark and Tim Armstrong. Which is something else to take away from this week of updates –

Tim Armstrong has been in the studio with them a lot. Now he could just be visiting for the week, he could be there because he’s helping out a little on the record… or maybe he’s producing it? we haven’t heard any specifics about a producer but we do know that the band wanted to go back to having a producer in the studio, and now that they have a new member it’s a whole new world in the studio so a producer seems like a damn good idea. What are your thoughts? why not discuss it with us on the forums!



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