blink-182 Are 5 Tracks In To The New Record!


According to a recent Travis Barker interview with NME, blink-182 are 5 tracks into the new album, one of which is currently titled ‘Punk Rock Cliche’. 
“We’re just getting started but I think we’ve got like four or five songs right now that I’m really, really happy with.
There’s a song called ‘Punk Rock Cliché’ which I love the most right now.
It’s about friends of ours and their relationships.”
“The goal here is to come up with an album and just write,” he added.
“We don’t put a limit on how many songs we’re gonna write.
[We just] Write a bunch of songs and when we feel like there’s an album ready,
there’s an album ready. You know, no pressure, no deadlines.”

To read more check out the interview with NME, and as always discuss this rad news on our forums! 

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