Blink in Australia update


The band have played shows in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. All of which seemed to have gone down well with the fans and the band! They still have 3 more Soundwave dates:


  • Mar 01  Melbourne, Australia
  • Mar 02  Adelaide, Australia
  • Mar 04  Perth, Australia



And then its back to the US/UK and new album writing (hopefully!)

Here is a great video of the Sydney show from the 20th of February.  ENJOY!

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One Response to Blink in Australia update

  1. Josh

    You guys need to update more often. You obviously haven’t been keeping up with Blink. They’ve announced more USA/Canadian tour dates, Tom wrote on facebook that he’s working on a new Blink song and other things have been announced here and there. Stay up to date if you want a functional website with a returning audience.