Mark Hoppus Comments On The Leak Of ‘Neighborhoods’

Yes, ‘Neighborhoods’ has leaked. No, you won’t find it here. Be sure to pre-order the record. It’s only right to support the band we all love so much.

Mark posted the following comments on his Google+ profile:

“Natives, after midnight, MH 4.18.2011, kaleidoscope, and wishing well are the songs written after the postponement of the tour.

Yes, it’s (‘Hearts All Gone’) a different mix.

No, it wasn’t us. from what i can determine, it looks like it leaked in russia first. i fell asleep at 4am, and for no reason woke up at 7, with a weird premonition. i checked my twitter and there it was.”

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5 Responses to Mark Hoppus Comments On The Leak Of ‘Neighborhoods’

  1. Imamkamran

    poor mark.
    I preorded the deluxe so hopefull people still buy the album

  2. Jordan potekal

    Just pre ordered the album, and the vinyl. Fuck the leak.

  3. Pup1011

    Tom played the riff of wishing well live
    on his acoustic guitar years ago on modlife…

  4. Evan Langenberg

    fuck those faggots. i’m not even gonna give it a listen. poor blink.

  5. Steven R

    i have not listened to it at all yet and i wont untill i get my physical album in the mail