Vote For Travis In ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” Theme Competition


ESPN’s MLB theme by Travis Barker by schleppy

ESPN enlisted the help of notable musicians to provide their distinctive interpretations of the “Baseball Tonight” theme song during the 2011 season. We’ve already featured these versions of the song on air and in the ESPN Music section, but now we want you to help us crown the best version of them all.

For 11 weeks, we’ll have two artists square off in a poll for you to vote on. The winner will then face the next artist on the schedule and so on until the final week, when we’ll see who is the last one standing (full schedule at the bottom). Staind won for the second consecutive week, defeating Da’ Zoo in Week 2 to earn the right to take on drummer Travis Barker this week. So vote in the poll at the right of this page now through Aug. 18.

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2 Responses to Vote For Travis In ESPN’s “Baseball Tonight” Theme Competition

  1. Nathan

    Yea… The same march beat over and over again, wonderful. I get it at the beginning but it couldve ended 15 seconds after it started. Try harder next time buddy

  2. Luis Miguel Mariñan

    it has dj am x trvs super bowl writen all over it!    for me at least! but +1 too!