Various Tidbits From Chris Georggin

Chris Georginn was just on the Boomer Loves Boobies Modblast, and here are the highlights of what he said:

  • Tom will be sober on tour.
  • There will be 13 songs on the new album.
  • Pre-Orders for the album starts on August 30th.
  • They are making a vinyl for Neighborhoods.
  • They will play 4 new songs live.
  • Dumpweed is still on the set list.
  • Even If She Falls is not one of the four songs they are playing live.
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7 Responses to Various Tidbits From Chris Georggin

  1. Sam Houston

    Can’t wait to get the vinyle for Neighborhoods! I’ve been collecting all the Blink vinyls that I can get my hands on, so I’ll definitely want to pick this one up.

    I’m a very happy Blink fan these days 🙂

  2. Josh Taylor

    The only part that disappoints me is that Tom will be sober… he’s funny when he’s wasted.

  3. himynameisjerry

    He’s not sober actually… Look at the picture he just uploaded. haha.

  4. Dwwgwra

    Only a four song set? hah :p

  5. gompy
  6. Jrm303130

    tom posted a pic of him before the show tonight with a bottle of wine pretty sure toms still drinking

  7. Eric

    Tom played guitar like shit during the Blink reunion shows, I hope he’s sobered-up.