blink-182 Offer ‘Throwback, Progressive’ Songs on ‘Neighborhoods’

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blink-182 Offer ‘Throwback, Progressive’ Songs on ‘Neighborhoods’

This week, Blink-182 released their new single, ‘Up All Night,’ and revealed that their new album would be called ‘Neighborhoods.’ This means that by the time the trio of Tom DeLongeMark Hoppus and Travis Barker start their tour with My Chemical Romance, they should have plenty of new material to showcase for fans.

“One of the things I’m really proud of about this record is a lot of the songs are really built for a big audience,” DeLonge tells Spinner. Stylistically, the record is a mix of the past and future of the band. “I think we’ve done a really great job kind of separating our record into sections, where some stuff is throwback, some stuff is very progressive, and some stuff is just plain different.”

One song he cites as being very different is one that started from Barker. “It’s like a shuffle swing,” Barker says. DeLonge calls it, “A futuristic version of the Adam Ant song [‘Goody Two Shoes’].”

And getting to play the new album is just part of why the band is so excited to tour with My Chemical Romance. “The only time I’ve seen them play is when they played on my TV show and in videos,” Hoppus says. DeLonge has seen them and is an admitted admirer. “I think what’s really cool about what they’re doing is they’ve got a real strong foundation for the punk rock scene, but they took it a level up with all the theatrics and just their artistic acumen,” he says. “I think they have something that really separated them from the pack, but they’re still rough around the edges, which is kind of how we like the bands that we listen to, we like them to have that angst still in there and they have a rabid fan base, so I think it’s really gonna make the tour amazing.”

‘Neighborhoods’ is due out Sept. 27.

For anyone who’s never heard Adam Ant – ‘Goody Two Shoes’:

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  1. Bob

    I don’t know I’m into blink doing a “shuffle swing” song..