European Tour Rescheduled — Album Delayed

The release of the upcoming blink-182 album has been delayed yet again, forcing the band to reschedule their upcoming European tour dates. From

FROM MARK, TOM AND TRAVIS: It is with heavy hearts that we have to announce our planned 2011 European Summer tour has been rescheduled. When we booked the tour last year, we were confident that we would have the new album out before the Summer. Turns out wewere mistaken as the album is taking longer than we thought and won’t be outtill later this year. We hoped we would have some new songs to play rather than do another ‘greatest hits tour’ whichyou all saw last Summer. As much as weknow our fans would be cool with that, we feel that we owe you guys somethingnew when you spend your money to come see us. Frankly, it’s what needs tocontinue for us to remain vital. Thethree of us are working very hard to do what we set out to do when were-formed…get a new blink-182 album recorded. Apologies to all of our fans who have bought tickets and were lookingforward to the Summer shows but we’ll be back soon with the rescheduled datesin Summer 2012, have a new album out and be able to play new songs for you all.Thanks for all of the continued support and understanding. The rescheduled dates are on our website ( and are listed below.

NEW UK/IRISH DATES ADDED: Onsale date is Thursday 21st April 2011

For those of you whohoped to see the us at Oxegen and T In The Park festivals this year, we’re verysorry that we won’t be there as we were looking forward to playing them somuch. However, we’ve added Dublin,Belfast and Glasgow arena dates listed below onto next summer’s tour so we cansee our Irish and Scottish fans.

Tuesday 12 June, 2012 – Dublin, o20818 719300

Wednesday 13 June 2012 – BelfastOdyssey Arena – 028 9073 9074/084427774455

Wednesday 20 June 2012 -Glasgow SECC – 0844 4999 990 /


UK Dates

Thursday 07 June 2012 -Birmingham NIA – 0844 338 8000 – Tickets still valid from Friday 01 July 2011
Friday 08 June 2012 -London The O2 – Tickets still valid from Monday 18 July 2011
Saturday 09 June 2012 -London The O2 – Tickets still valid from Tuesday 19 July 2011
Friday 15 June 2012 -Manchester MEN Arena – 0844 847 2000 – Tickets still valid from Friday 8 July2011
Saturday 16 June 2012 -Birmingham LG Arena – 0844 338 8000 – Tickets still valid from Friday 15 July2011
Sunday 17 June 2012 -Sheffield Motorpoint Arena – 0114 256 5656 – Tickets still valid from Thursday7 July 2011
Tuesday 19 June 2012 -Newcastle Metro Radio Arena – 0844 493 6666 – Tickets still valid from Tuesday12 July 2011
Tuesday 10 July 2012 -Cardiff Motorpoint Arena – 029 2022 4488 – Tickets still valid from Saturday 16July 2011
Wednesday 11 July 2012 -Nottingham Capital FM Arena – 0844 412 4624 – Tickets still valid fromWednesday 13 July 2011
Thursday 12 July 2012 -Liverpool Echo Arena – 0844 8000 400 – Tickets still valid from Monday 04 July2011

Original tickets will be valid for the rescheduled dates. For further information or queries regarding therescheduled dates please contact the ticket agent where you purchased yourtickets.

German Dates

Saturday 23 June 2012 – Neuhausen ob Eck – SouthsideFestival
Sunday 24 June 2012 – Scheessel – Hurricane Festival
Monday 25 June 2012 – Essen – Grugahalle – Ticketsstill valid from Friday 24th June 2011
Tuesday 26 June 2012 – Frankfurt – Festhalle –Tickets still vaild from Monday 20th June 2011
Saturday 30 June 2012 -Berlin – Zitadelle – Ticketsstill valid from Wednesday 22nd June 2011
The tickets for the three headline showsabove are valid for the rescheduled dates in 2012 but you may also return yourtickets to the box offices for a full refund.

Czech Republic Date

We will no longer be performing at the Prague City Festival 2011 but ticketswill remain valid. However, those fans who wish to only see us and are not interested in seeing the rest of the bands areable to to change their current tickets for a ticket for the Prague CityFestival 2012 at which we will appear.

Friday 29th June 2012 – PragueCity Festival in Prague-Holesovice, Vystaviste venue
This will be the only chance to see us in the Czech Republic.

It will be possible to change the tickets from 2nd of May 2011 till 2nd of July2011. The offer of an exchange is validfor all tickets sold after the Blink 182 2011 show announcement (ie for alltickets more expensive than 590czk /or Euro equivalent). The exchange appliesonly to (email: and chains.

Italian Dates

Vivo Concerti andD’Alessandro Galli regret to inform Italian fans that the Blink 182 concertsscheduled for 27th June 2011 at Mediolanum Forum in Assago(Milan) and Lucca festival scheduled for 28th June 2011 have been postponed. The new dates are as follows:

Tuesday 3rdJuly 2012 – Mediolanum Forum – Assago (Milan)
Wednesday 4thJuly 2012 – Lucca Summer Festival

All tickets alreadypurchased for the shows on 27th June and 28th June2011 will not be valid for the rescheduled dates in 2012. The tickets must be replaced with new ones. When applying for a reimbursement, it will bepossible to buy tickets for the new dates. The deadline for replacing or reimbursing tickets is 12thJuly 2011.
People who boughttickets on line on will receive an e mail from the e-commerce divisionwith all the details for the reimbursement.

Luxembourg Dates

Unfortunately we won’t be able to perform at the Rock a Field Festival on 26th June 2011. We are currently working on our options and will get news about a date for Summer 2012 to our fans as soon as possible.

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23 Responses to European Tour Rescheduled — Album Delayed

  1. Nilton Semmler

    Blink 182 band are fakes, liars and bastards. You never came back as a band, only made us fans of idiots. The goal was to pretend that you have returned as a band to promote their solo projects and earn more money, and when fans discovered the reality you invent any excuse to say that the band broke up again.

  2. TheOctopus

    No, you mean Tom is the fake. Mark didn’t have any side projects when blink came back together and he dropped his solo project he was going to do and any plans with +44. Same thing with Travis, he had no side projects at the time either.

    While blink was together, Angels and Airwaves has released an entire album, went on tour, released a movie, a new website and are 7 songs finished (over halfway through) of their follow up album to LOVE. Blink is only 6 songs near finish. If you want to call anyone a liar, fake or bastard, you should point your finger at Tom. He’s the band member who said blink pays the bills and AVA is where has has fun and lives out his dreams.

  3. Frisk182

    They aren’t fakes, liars, or bastards. I’m incredibly disappointed with this reschedule.. honestly, lately this is the only thing i’ve been looking forward to and even living for: getting to see them play. I wish more than anything that this wouldn’t have happened, but at the same time I can understand where they’re coming from. I wonder why they can’t play a few songs before the release date like they did with the Untitled album, but I’m sure their lives and schedules are very different now than they were back in 2003. I agree, it somewhat seems like Tom’s promoting AVA a bit more than I’d like, but I truly don’t think that’s the reason they got back together. It’s clear that they’re still making the record and it will actually be out this summer. Sure, the release date’s been pushed back countless times, but the point is that they are actually making an album. I’m almost just as stoked about that as I am to see them live. I agree, I’m super disappointed that it’ll be a a whole other year before I get to see them, but I respect them just as much as I love their music. And I’m sure that they’re doing this because they truly think it’s for the best. Still, very disappointed. Very upset…

  4. Disgusted.

    blink has become an absolute joke. been following this site since it was for +44, but to be honest.. im losing absolutely all interest. we cant even hear a new demo? really? who the fuck cares if its finished, you guys used to release lives videos of you messing around with songs. this will be my last visit to this site.

  5. Skip182

    Ya I think this is probly the end of Blink. Well at least I got to see them one last time.

  6. Goodwilldrumming

    You clearly need to be really good at what you do in order to multi-task. Travis is a great musician and can clearly handle all the pressure that comes with multiple projects because he’s actually putting out new music, vidoes, and still seems to get what he needs done for blink.

    Mark is a great musician but knows where he needs to focus his energy in order to get the results he wants out of his projects. Tom is good as well but has over extended himself and seems to really only be focusing on what HE wants to do and everything else gets a half assed effort. Travis and Mark should have just done another +44 record. At least that way it would be good and in our stereos already. Besides, with 1/3rd of the band working at half capacity how much different from +44 could it really be.

  7. Jack182

    You are bang on the money my friend. If anyone had any intelligence about them, they would realise this isnt Mark and Travis fault. Mark records his show for a couple of days a week and Travis is touring to pass the time. They are waiting for TOM. How much AvA shit has he done in the last few months. November a movie/album is coming out, a new website launch soon, all his time and focus is on that. Look at his facebook/twitter, he barely mentions Blink. You know how much Blink means to Mark, he’s scared to say to Tom, lets get it done because of what happened last time…

  8. Think182

    later this year?…. are you fucking kidding me…. I’m sick of their side projects, great band but to be honest im sick of tom trying to be the next U2, Mark trying to be Carson Daily, and Travis being lil wayne. People are sick of their side projects. Just release some fucking music and quit shoving your bullshit down our throats. At least show us a demo, something..

  9. Hansen058

    is there going to be a u.s. tour tho?

  10. Christian

    Fuck this. Me and my friends ordered plane tickets and a hotel just to see them live in London. Since blink did not care to go to Denmark, this was our only option. So what to do not? I guess they wont pay for our hotel nor our plane tickets. Bastards.

  11. A.J. Lauer

    They are making this record with NO producer… they’re “self-producing” it. Not the right move because then they don’t have someone to tell them when to have stuff done.. I wish Jerry Finn (producer of All the albums past Dude Ranch) was still around (R.I.P.). He woulda made sure it all stayed on track and woulda been released soon or released already. Or they need to quit being stubborn and pick a new producer.. Either way, the new stuff will be worth the longggg wait and despite all the comments, I still think all 3 members all kick Ass.

  12. Blink182avatom

    honestly who the fuck is surprised by this. Ever since they’ve been back together all we’ve mainly gotten is false promises and constant set-backs. Just watch, they’ll end pushing back the album till 2012 and then blame the end of the world for the CD not coming out. I love the hell out this band, I have 2 tattoos dedicated to them 4 TD guitars and countless amounts of posters and collectables from this band but they seem so tied up in everything else that they do that Blink is just on the back-burner for them. Tom we love AVA but for fucks sake leave it alone for a couple of fucking months and fucking commit to the band that made AVA fucking possible for you, I’m sure the other talented members in AVA can live without you for a little while so you can fucking work on Blink. Tom needs to stop tweeting about AVA every 5 fucking minutes and at-least acknowledge Blink 182’s existence.

  13. ShredMcButterson

    thats it i now officially wont believe the new album is coming out at any given time until i see it on sale.

  14. Darthbret94

    Ugh… How disappointing, 2 years …. And 3 months, the’ve had time. I don’t get it, I really hope they didn’t do this just for the money, these guy’s were my heroes. Especialy Tom, who seems the least interested in blink. I love AVA and I guess thats all ill have now, I’m giving up on this “reunion”, this makes me sick

  15. HeartAttack

    Does this mean the album itself is being delayed an entire year? Gah…when they say “later this year”, I’m damn sure it’ll be released next year seeing that the tour with new songs won’t occur until fucking summer of next year. I don’t agree that they’re only in this for money (which they have plenty of, not even counting their efforts with +44, AVA, etc). I do think they had a legitimate coming together and reuniting…but I also think they’ve grown apart since they “grew back together” a couple years ago. I mean…when they got back together they always talked about being a band and working together in the studio and avoiding old ways which tore them apart; it just seems like they took a huge step backwards with the way they’re recording and working now.

    I’m incredibly, extremely disappointed right now. Of course they’re still Blink-182 and I will buy their album the very SECOND it hits…but this does suck, hard.

  16. Jajajared

    Fuck all you guys blaming this on Tom, sure, he has AVA. As Blink got together in 2009 he was releasing a free album and finishing production on a full length motion picture. He has to get that shit out there, he’s dedicated intense amounts of time, effort, and money into this release.

    Mark has a highly popular tv show, and Travis just released a solo album that he’s been committed to since before the reunion. Don’t get me wrong, I fucking hate this two year plus wait, and their new “system” isn’t helping either. But, if they say they need more time to make it the best album of their careers, then I’m behind it, because I know they’ll deliver.

  17. foreverandafter

    Son of a fucking bitch (Theoctopus)

    Travis barker projects: Give the Drummer Some Released: March 15, 2011… Blink-182, +44, Box Car Racer, Transplants, Paul Wall, TRV$DJAM, The Aquabats, Expensive Taste, Game, Royce da 5’9, Slash, RZA, Raekwon, Kanye West, Lil Twist, Lil Wayne, Lupe Fiasco, Lil Jon, Kid Cudi, Rihanna, Avril lavigne… Now he is touring with lil wayne Mar.18 until May.1…

    Mark Hoppus: He´s a producer and has his own tv show…

    At least Tom is writing good music when he´s focusing on ava… Travis is doing shit rap music and mark is losing his time on tv, and producing shitty bands (except New found glory)…

  18. FormerFan

    I’m done with Blink. They’re ALL a bunch of fucking liars and money grabbing pricks, they don’t care anymore. Especially Tom, fuck him.

  19. mrpenished182

    Mark signed a deal with Interscope back in 2007 to release a record. It was at the time going to be a second plus 44 album. But that fell through, Mark then was going to do a solo project, but the whole blink thing came about, so the band agreed to use that fill out Mark’s terms. A good reason why Mark seems to be putting in the most effort…. so pathetic Tom can’t seem to show more then 5 seconds worth of effort….

  20. Blink'R'Liars

    Hi We’re Blink182 let’s get back together, bum around for three years, and lie about a new album which is ‘nearly ready’ and has ‘6 or 7 tracks which are album ready’… And THEN a couple of months before the first european tour in years, you tell us you basically haven’t started it, and make us wait another YEAR, which by then you’ll have probably split up again, because you may as well not be together. What a joke, no one even want’s to watch your annoying band/members next year after this.

  21. Canada182

    No worries, Mark, Tom and Travis! It’ll be worth it! It always has been. Ignore the pessimists – they’re likely unemployed, and probably still live with their parents.

  22. ShadowDJ

    This definitely sucks but I don’t think anybody has the right to be angry AT Mark, Tom, or Travis…that’s really very selfish.

  23. Patrick

    I dont get why people are all blaming tom for this. i think that the pressure right now for blink 182 is at an all time high. bc of ALL the set backs and all the fans waiting and tom doing ava, mark doing hoppus on music and travis’ album there is absolutely no room for this album to be bad in anyway.
    if you could imagine the pressure they have on there backs right now to write a great record then you can understand thats why they keep pushing it back. they dont want to let anyone down or themselves for that matter.. so lighten up good things DO come to those who wait so chill out and expect a great record.

    P.s im pullin for ya blink, im sure no matter what the album sounds like it will grow on me.

    Cheers to Blink for life.