Blink-182 On the Cover of Kerrang! Magazine

September Issue of Kerrang!

Blink-182 will be on the cover of the September 1st issue of Kerrang!

Blink 182 blast back!

Last week pop-punk kings Blink 182 completed their five-date whirlwind tour of the UK, after almost a six-year absence. Is it good to be back? We joined Mark, Tom and Travis on the road to find out.

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24 Responses to Blink-182 On the Cover of Kerrang! Magazine

  1. gee

    i’m really really glad that they’re back,and together again…so they can inspired me again…and i’m hopin so much that their first show should be in indonesia.

  2. matt

    @gee Why the hell would their first show be in Indonesia?

  3. jul13n

    I love mark’s shirt haha

  4. blits182

    @matt LMAO.

  5. BenMraz

    ahah I agree with matt…

  6. matt

    One other thing and yes this is completely off subject but it needs to be asked. After 24 years on this earth I still don’t have the answers to everything, but I’ve managed to get by with the generic answer: 42. However, one question begs an answer that I can’t figure out, I feel it will haunt me ’til the end of my days… Why the hell does Tyler Perry keep being allowed to make movies? I’m not racist, and really I get it, you’re black and proud and I’m happy for you. I also think the black community has a lot to offer society and dammit I voted Obama! Tyler Perry isn’t that solution though, those movies are awful!

  7. Nad

    Dude, Kerrang! always chooses awful pictures for their covers.

  8. radiosandairwaves

    do they ship this magazine to America?

  9. Heyitsjames

    I buy Kerrang everyweek. For all the shit it gets, it covers all styles of rock and I think it’s a damn good magazine.

  10. Anna

    “The September issue”? You know Kerrang is weekly right?
    Anyway, cool to see Blink on the cover again!

  11. matt

    Yes we get kerrang.

  12. ryan34

    @radiosandairwaves its not worth it. shit kiddies mag now

  13. Carl


    I’m confused why “I’m not racist” even needs to be brought up. Anyway…

    For the same reason why people will continue to see mindless action. (Transformers, Expendables, Die Hard 4, etc.) The audience that Perry is writing to will continue to see those films. The quality will never improve for either, but the people want their escape and that’s who they go to for it.

  14. matt

    @Carl Because we live in a world where you still need to point that fact out.

  15. henrique

    …why are you guys talking about tyler perry?

  16. Cliche

    Blink is back! Whats that? They’ve been back over a year? Oh.

  17. matt

    @henrique It’s an important subject for today’s youth. If we don’t recognize the problems that plague the world today we are doomed to repeat them… You’d like that wouldn’t you, freedom hater? @Everyone: henrique is a communist…. Oh, and French…

  18. henrique

    true. I hate freedom.

  19. matt

    @henrique We should build a mosque!

  20. pavel


  21. matt

    @pavel haha thanks! Just for that you’re allowed in! The rest of these whiners are infidels.

  22. Heyitsjames


    I don’t know many kiddies magazines that say fuck numerous times on most pages.

  23. pavel

    your tyler perry jokes are better than blink dick jokes…. u should be on blink! dont u play an instruent maybe the triangle i dont know… 🙂

  24. matt

    I play guitar, and I reserve my tyler perry jokes for my own band. As well as the rest of my awkward socially inept humor. It masks my crappy guitar playing.

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