Blink-182′s First Show in Europe in Six Years!

Blink-182 played their first show in Europe in six years today in Aberdeen. The picture above is thanks to

You can also see a video of Travis’ solo here (edit: much better one here). The setlist is below (Thanks to monkey_boy182). You can discuss this show and share your pictures and video in the dedicated topic, here. We should be seeing pictures and video popping up in that topic shortly, so check back for more!


1. Dumpweed
2. Feeling This
3. The Rock Show
4. What’s My Age Again?
5. I Miss You
6. Stay Together For The Kids
7. Down
8. Always
9. Stockholm Syndrome
10. First Date
11. Man Overboard
12. Don’t Leave Me
13. Not Now
14. All The Small Things
15. Reckless Abandon
16. Josie
17. Anthem Part 2
*Travis Solo*
18. Carousel
19. Dammit

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34 Responses to Blink-182′s First Show in Europe in Six Years!

  1. b182

    – how was toms vocals?
    – how long was the set?
    – why is the set identical to the states?
    (minus ‘violence’ and ‘adam’s song’ (aka their best IMO)
    – way to go all out with an identical stage design?
    – who decided that one upside down roll from travis (with the same solo) was better than the flying solo.. it’s not new. you’ve already done it.

    reading festival will expect upped anti, not a (lacking) carbon copy of the US tour. looks like thats what we’re getting.

  2. Nick

    ^ You’re an idiot?

  3. mikeyd

    dissapointing they put no thought in setlist

  4. matt

    Jesus, the british fans are worse than us with all the nit-picking crap.

  5. Skip182

    They have more time to nitpick because they don’t waste time on trivial things…like brushing their teeth.

  6. brohemoth182

    @matt Agreed! Seriously people what the hell did you want they liked the stage design it was sweet. Now you get to see it for yourselves and not in uploaded to youtube videos! Their set list consists of fan favorites and and a few they picked( what the hell is there to complain about? Oh wait I see…It’s because they didn’t play everything you would like to hear! You, one random person not happy = no thought in set list?!? Makes sense…

  7. brohemoth182

    Also I would like to add are you fucking people still asking about Tom’s voice?!? For fuck sakes that’s how the dude sings deal with it! He sounding perfectly fucking fine to me when I saw them! More than fine actually, So good I jizzed my pants every line he and mark sang!!!
    So now to the whiny peoples complaints. What do you expect him to sound like? Chesire Cat or Dude Ranch where he wasn’t a very good vocalist? Enema of the state or take off your pants and jacket where he started to get a lot better? Self titled where he still was improving vastly from the last albums? Or now where he has mastered his talent more so than 5 years ago? Seriously the guy just gets better and better. Just like any other task done repeatedly over a long period of time you only can get better at it! So my question is do you want him to sound worse? Would that be the solution to your bitching?

  8. brohemoth182


  9. bennex

    I understand some people are dissapointed with the setlist, but I’m glad they come over (Travis came by boat!) and I can see them live again.
    Plus the most shows of the tour are Festivals, and at festivals everyone wants to hear the ‘Hits’.
    And I think they will never play Adams Song again.

  10. epbjorn

    yea fuck that doosh @b182. Did you give any thourght into ur last post at all?? Man all you whining crackers dont even deserve to be Blink 182 fans! think about it all your stupid comments are getting you nowhere! Fuck iv been waiting 9 fucking years to see blink perform live,and ill finaly get my chance this fucking month at Reading!!! and u better believe that when im there with the thousands of other screaming fans,im not gonna be thinking aw fuck travis did one less drum roll than before,or fuck they didnt play one song,you wana know why? coz ill be watching them perform 19 fucking amazing songs that i love,and ill be witnessing first hand with my own eyes as travis performs a face melting drum solo hanging from the roof of the stage possibly spinning upside down,as if that wasnt enough,coz im pretty dam sure its gonna be mind assulting,if you dont like it,then dont be a blink 182 fan,coz ur pointless whining is gonna get you absolutly nowhere in life,while the rest of us who can actualy appreciate what blink do,will with out a doubt be having the time of our lives and ull be a forgotten rotten whining little bitch! BooyA!

    blink-182 4eva!

  11. ryan34

    fucking idiot of course they wouldnt change the set. Why would they? its pretty much the same tour, and a good set. and if you’re going to reading, you’re going to get none of that. Youll be lucky with a big flag. thats what you get at a festival show. I wouldnt hold your breath for a rising travis solo there if I were you.

    in his defence though, I dont think he was referring to the ava tom/ blink tom vocals, but to how is voice holds up generally, which has admittedly, pretty bad the few times ive seen him.

    And I brush my teeth on a regular basis! haha

  12. JoshBorland

    I’m British & you need to chill out and stop being so critical! The fact that we’re even getting to see Blink again in the UK is a gift! They’ve put in so much hard work for this tour so stop with all the negative comments you ungrateful wankers and quit giving us Brits a bad name!

    Bring on Reading Festival. Blink playing this festival will go down in Reading & Leeds fest history!

  13. GreyJay182

    I thought the show was fucking awesome, one of the best concerts ever. And Tom’s voice was great, it sounded a lot better than soem of the past concerts when he was like wailing or whatever people calle dit, he sounded perfectly awesome to me. Set list was awesome.
    I was ONE person away from the very front, so close to Tom however everyone was so crazy everyone was just pushing each other and surging forward and I was getting crushed and hit and pushed pretty aggressively, and I had to come out by Stockholm Syndrome and be taken tot he wee room to get water and tsuff cause I couldnt breathe but I managed to video the rest of the concert from nearer the back of the hall afterwards. All in all fucking awesome! Oh and when I was waiting in line, Mark came out and everyone rushed over to him and wa slike talking to people, signing things and taking pictures but he went inside or was made to, when he was only a few people away from me

  14. GreyJay182

    Damn, just realised how atrocious my spelling was in that comment, too tired and typed too fast but don’t want people bitching bout my errors so-

    *called it
    *to the
    *was like

    Damn wish there was an edit button….or is there?

  15. Deeds

    I don’t think they will play Adam’s Song because of DJ AM. Might be a while before we hear that one again.

  16. Nick

    It’s the same “reunion” tour. Now they’re just taking it to you Brits. sheesh.

  17. b182

    you guys make it sound like they’re doing it for FREE.

    harsh reminder kids, they’re NOT. hell knows how much they’re receiving for this tour – and all we get is the SAME OLD.

    come on, get some standards. I don’t ask for much, just some imagination. @mikeyd hit the nail, NO THOUGHT. so all you guys (14 year old kids? who knows) are basically implying is the british are harder to please than the americans? well, come on. thats HARDLY news.

    and so what if it’s being critical? we waited long enough for a tour, and yeah they’re good – well done. but do we really deserve a SECOND rate show? it’s been done!

    I’d happily see them come on and play one song on an empty stage, but the point here is upping the game. you lot are all blink fanboys, and get all offensive when people make judgement – but the TRUTH IS people will expect more from them – in your heart of hearts YOU DO TOO. let’s be honest, they haven’t delivered.

    @ryan34 – man you’re a prick – huge flag at festivals? sorry but, you’re a moron. I don’t even like radiohead and they headlined a WORLD CLASS stage at reading. the lighting had never been done before. it’s called a HEADLINER. that really made me laugh.

    It’s not a reunion tour. It’s becoming a money making joke. but I’ll happily watch it, I love them.

    This is only productive feedback from a let down fan. stop taking it so to heart.

  18. FelleAndersson

    I’m just a *liiittle* disappointed at the set list, not for not containing bad songs, and not because it’s identical to the US Tour, well, a little bit of that maybe 😛

    Over and all, it’s a good list, contains almost every song from their Greatest Hits CD (Which is technically their latest release, and everyone knows that the tour you’re on should support the latest release, so they’re doing the “right” thing lol)

    But I wished they played M+M’s, (And a whole lot of others from Cheshire, but whatever )

    Anywho, final point, it’s still an amazing set list, and you can’t open more epically than with Dumpweed, looking forward to see them in Münich! I’m driving all the way from Stockholm to see them! 😀

  19. matt

    @b182 well I’m not a 14 year old, I’m 24 and I’ve been over seas plenty of times. Even almost made the worst decision ever and married a girl from Bridge of Weir, Scotland; and I’m telling you that you are fucking hard to please. The whole damn place is. Actually during my time in the UK (little less than a year), with the exception of London; you people bitched about everything. Now I’m not saying it’s because your miserable people, I’m saying because its culturally defined. We Americans are ignorant, prideful, arrogant bastards most of the time. You guys complain, its just how the culture was raised. Now don’t get me wrong that’s an observation and of course there are exceptions that prove the rule. Look all I’m saying is relax, shut up and appreciate a good thing when it comes. Spend your money, and enjoy the show and let’s get this touring shit over with so we can get a new album and another round of shows. That’s all.

  20. touchdownboy

    I don’t understand why b182 has to be such a little bitch about everything. You’re lucky they even came to europe. Travis took a fuckign boat! c’mon.

  21. Josh Borland

    touchdownboy Says:
    August 17th, 2010 at 12:52 pm

    I don’t understand why b182 has to be such a little bitch about everything. You’re lucky they even came to europe. Travis took a fuckign boat! c’mon.


  22. Danny

    i hope and i think they will change up the set for the EPICENTER show, i’m pretty sure they will since people in Cali have seen that set already, i guess you have to think about it like this. Let’s say Blink played in the UK first (not the US) and they had all the sick production and lights and all of us in the US saw it on youtube and shit, We would wanna see that shit live! The show’s are for the European fans, Not for the US fans to watch on youtube. I completely understand why they are doing the same set and using the same lights and production. I just hope they spice up the set at the epicenter show =]

  23. b182

    I can think of worse things than taking my family on a cruise to witness me do something I love.


    Jesus, next you’ll be telling me I should be blessed they’re coming over.

  24. Connor

    @GreyJay182- Yea Mark is a cool ass dude, when I was in vegas for the reunion show, around 10 am before the show he was kicking it talking to a few of us in starbucks

  25. Rachel

    If anyone is disappointed, so be it ! I had a fucking brilliant time and I’d happily do it all again, no changes needed ! You guys saw Blink what else do you need ?

  26. TO B182


    Most European Blink fans haven’t been sitting around watching Youtube videos of the US tour… As evidenced from the response in Scotland, no one gives a flying fuck what you think.

    Why the hell would Blink NOT play their greatest hits on tour, most people who go to see big bands are there cos they know that band only from their HITS.

  27. irnblair

    @all the haters

    get a grip man so they never changed the stage set from the summer tour last year, maybe cause it was an american tour only? so europe obviously hadnt had that yet. you must like blink if your on this site so instead of moanin about things why not be happy that there back and that you might have saw them already or are going to see them, its about the music, there not known for stage sets. much love 🙂

  28. Dave

    Not every European is a moaning Brit, nor are the Brits a country of moaners. They are playing in other countries like Ireland, Holland, France among others. Just because we aren’t American doesn’t mean we have any less right to see one of our favourite bands so I don’t consider myself lucky in that sense touchdownboy. The man took a cruise ship over, it’s not like they stuck him in the cabin of an shipping boat…It was a 12 day holiday with his family most probaly first class on the nicest cruise ship in the world! I lived in Huntington Beach, CA for a summer in 08 and I found Americans to be some of the nicest people I’ve come across but it’s people like you who let them down dude. Don’t be so ignorant! I’m not trying to start a fight, just want you to take note!

  29. matt

    @Dave Hey man, you have a valid point, or rather, you would have a valid point had I (or we) said anything about Europeans. Valiant effort though. Let’s just stick with the stereotype and call it a day. The Brits are whiny, the Americans are ignorant to the point of stupidity, and Europeans smell. That’s all, go back to playing Mother Theresa.

  30. henrique

    guys, the only reason they had the same backdrop as the US tour was because they’re only using it for those two shows.
    the other shows are festivals and they won’t have that backdrop. they’re not making a whole new one that costs god knows what just for two shows.

  31. Dave

    @Matt Yes fair point about you or anyones else not saying anything about Europeans specifically, I was only trying make it clear that I wasn’t British myself although I go to uni in Scotland hence why I personally don’t really think they are moaners but I can see why you might,lol referring to your almost terrible mistake!!! But I appreciate your non-hating reply dude 🙂

    @henrique I’m going to be at the Dublin show and I’m almost 100% sure they will be using the backdrop as in the US tour last summer and the two recent Scottish gigs as the Irish gig is at the 02 (an indoor concert venue)

  32. Rob

    Jesus christ. Are people still saying ‘AVA Tom and Blink Tom’?

    Same person guys.

    He’s 33 now and he was, what, 26/27 on blink’s last tour/record? He is going to sound different, but why do you feel like you have a right to comment on every youtube post. If you don’t like it don’t go to a show, buy a record or watch on youtube.

    I don’t like the guy from Creed, so I avoid their music like aids. I suggest you instil the same attitude.

  33. henrique

    @dave: ah yeah, i forgot about that show. but they’re primarily doing festivals this tour, so it’d be almost pointless to come up with a new stage set up for just a couple of dates.

  34. matt

    @Dave It’s cool man, there aren’t a lot of Blink fans I could hate, certainly none from Europe or UK. Despite some of the people I met there, I still had a blast and the saddest part was I realized what a terrible mistake I was making and was still willing to go through with it just to live in Scotland. I liked the feel of the place! Anyway, have fun at the show! Let us know how it goes, I’ve yet to see ’em live since the got back together. Hopefully next time they come around I’ll be lucky enough to have ’em come to San Antonio.