Blinkumentary Crew Will Be Filming the European Tour

Earlier today, the Blinkumentary guys announced they were going over to Europe to shoot the entire tour.

Blinkumentary tweeted:

We will be shooting the entire European Tour. Thats happening!

A while later they clarified it on facebook:

We are editing the film as we speak and working very hard on it. We also want to cover European tour (which is so close) for all you guys to see too. We will keep you posted with a release date when we have that info! There is a lot going on and we are set on bringing it you, the best fans around!!!! Cheers!

The European Tour kicks off in just 12 days, get excited!

Thanks to peggy sue from our forums for the picture, get the wallpaper here!

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13 Responses to Blinkumentary Crew Will Be Filming the European Tour

  1. matt

    So basically the DVD won’t be coming out for like 6 months then. Since it’s already taken long enough, and the people in charge of it are taking such a long ass time considering the apparent lack of direction and/or any kind of deadline to finish it.

    That’s if it even is coming out on DVD. It’ll probably just be a digital download.

    Get the fucking thing out already.

  2. henrique

    Calm down bro…

  3. christina

    i agree with matt.. now we’re gonna have to wait til next year. i was really looking forward to this to, i guess, keep me distracted from blinks long release of their new album. ughhh fuck. whatever.

  4. blinkdude7

    damn, another blink 182 related delay FML -_-

  5. jack

    you guys know the blinkumentary is in two parts right?
    The european tour will be on the second one, and the north american tour on the first part. They just have to finish editing it then they can release it. It’ll probably be done in october by the latest.

  6. knc182

    @jack So does that mean 2 different dvd’s at different times? I thought they were planning on releasing the North American part this summer…and then the Europe part after they got done with it. I could be wrong. But I do remember them asking people if they wanted a Europe dvd after they are done with this one or something.

  7. jack

    yeah, i’m pretty sure that there’s the north american one, then a recording the album one along with the european tour.

  8. Blink-O

    jacks right.
    the said they gonna release the first part in the next couple of weeks. the euro tour and probably the making of the album will hit us early next year.

  9. Johhny

    THey said we were gonna get the movie b4 the tour gets started whats up with that

  10. matt

    Hey, not fair… You can’t use matt as your name. You bastard! I’m the feisty one who starts shit and cusses, not you and I don’t give a fuck about the documentary. So find some originality, jerk off! That was fun!

  11. knc182

    Ahhh okay. Thanks for clearing that up. haha.

  12. fan28

    i think theyre going to release both wiht the new album and the dvd

  13. Caiti

    honestly i dont care much about seeing footage of the european tour if it means waiting way longer for the dvd but i guess the dvd probably wasnt gunna come out anytime soon anyway..