Another Picture From Blink Rehearsals

Blink have been going hard at it lately, and with good reason, the European tour kicks off in about 17 days. Here’s another photo of them rehearsing courtesy of Haven from the Blinkumentary. Also, on the right, is that a new drum riser for Travis?

Haven tweeted:

blink production rehearsal. Its good in here. Footage is look sick my friends.

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16 Responses to Another Picture From Blink Rehearsals

  1. hiduuudes

    haha tom plays the guitar like an old man now

  2. hiduuudes

    oh and he’s not wearing a tie guys thats his guitar strap

  3. Andrew

    no, its not a fucking tie….. its a jacket that isnt zippered with a white t-shirt underneath…

  4. IareBOSS

    “is Tom wearing a tie!?”

    The person who wrote that must be high as fuck. It doesnt even remotely look like Tom is wearing a tie.

  5. matt

    God dammit Tom! I thought we settled this yesterday… No one likes an Emo! And drop the damn guitar, punk guitar is ALWAYS played low slung. You look like you belong in Kings of Leon… It’s alright though, we all make mistakes, and I forgive you! You know you’ll always be one of my heroes, just get your shit together! You sheep fucker.

  6. blinkythe1

    The “tie” is his guitar strap, but he’d look lovely with a tie πŸ˜‰

  7. alex

    its not a tie, its his t-shirt πŸ™‚

  8. henrique

    for the record, i was high as fuck πŸ˜€

  9. anthony

    stfu u people talk to much shit if u dont like him then stop listening to his music and i dont he cares about what u guys think hes makin millions looking and singing like this

  10. Jason

    maybe soon Tom will get rid of the skinny jeans and start wearing the work shorts again like Mark

  11. matt

    Ooh anthony, someone’s touchy… Did we hurt your feelings? No one’s talking shit about Tom, we’re just having a laugh. Get off your high horse and stop pretending to give a shit what gets said about any of them, it doesn’t affect you in the slightest and none of them need you as the “great defender”.

  12. bennex

    i am curious about the setlist, hopefully some suprises!
    Also curious about the new drum riser, it looks like it can move forward

  13. Tom

    Tom cant play his guitar low any more cos of his back problem.

  14. BenMraz

    looks like “humpbacked” tom is wearing false teeth… AVA will kill you bro πŸ˜€

  15. Alex

    I used to play my guitar super-low, too; until I realized that it’s easier to play where it’s comfortable.


    i f***ing love u guys Γ€re the best