ModCam Update From Tom on AvA and Blink


-Movie should be done in next two months and will be taken to festivals

-The only thing left to be edited is the first scene that they shot this weekend, the film will start with the Civil War stuff

-Blinkumentary was just finished and will be released soon



-Tom is working on the blink album and love part 2 thing everyday

-The LOVE PART 2 is supposed to be a double album type thing and will all one big release with the movie in the spring

-Angels and Airwaves touring America again next year

Big thanks to notnow123487 from our forums for this info!

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75 Responses to ModCam Update From Tom on AvA and Blink

  1. memo28

    I think this all are great news
    3 new albums in the next year
    I think this is kind of cool cause I like both bands

  2. Joey

    Everyone on here crying about how great a band Angels and Airwaves is just doesn’t it.

    I don’t care how many tours AVA goes on. I don’t care how many (subpar in my opinion) albums they put out. I honestly don’t. I gave Angels and Airwaves an honest effort and at the end of the day, it isn’t for me.

    What I don’t like is the constant misleading information that is coming from Blink. Simple. As. That.

    First they claimed they were working on the new album. Then they stopped. Then there was a song that was gonna be released before the tour, then after, then they decide not to. Then they tell us they will begin work on the Album in January, then that became late June. Then they say they’ve dedicated the rest of the year and then some to the new album, which we can assume is again not true because of this modlife update.

    We heard time and time again that after Love was completed Tom would turn to Blink and they’d be off. So now that that time is here, uh oh, here comes Love 2, and even better, he wants it to be a double album, lol. it’s like a bad joke.

    Like I’ve said previously, I enjoyed plus 44. I thought “When your heart stops beating” was an awesome album. THE ONLY complaint I had was that it was a little bit too depressing. Given the circumstances it was completely understood though. I was really excited for a second album. I remember when this site posted a pic of a contract or agreement of sorts to record the second album, It was nice. All that ended when Tom said he was open to the idea of Blink returning. (Now more and more everyday looking more like, ok i’m going broke with Angels and Airwaves flopping, I need Blink to produce a revenue.)

    At the end of the day, I go to this site hoping to one night see something like “New Blink song”. Blink is a part of who I am. I will say Blink fan’s who complain about Tom’s “angels and airwaves voice” at Blink concerts are taking it a bit too far. That said though, you angels and airwaves fans who act like angels and airwaves has soooo much more meaning than blink because of Tom’s over produced and over thought lyrics are wrong. Blink was amazing because it was 100% who they were. It was not fake, or disingenuous, it was all about growing up and EVERYTHING that went with it.

    I have nothing against Tom. Couldn’t be further from the truth. I would thank him, his music has meant a lot to me. It’s gotten me through some hard times, but when I hear him build up Angels and Airwaves at Blinks expense, it pisses me off.

    This rant was way too long but whatever.

  3. christina182

    damn, people need to chill..

  4. Magnious

    Lebron James is to Cleveland as Tom Delonge is to Blink 182 Fans.

  5. Ken

    to all those AVA fans who are whining about blink fans not understanding why tom talks about AVA on an AVA website…
    you are a) stupid or b) even more stupid. You just jump in defence mode without even thinking about what people are complaining about.

    these people do not complain about the amount of time he TALKS about AVA, they complain about his plans(actual actions) to continue working on AVA while he should work on blink related stuff as promised. HE nevertook time for blink when he recoreded the AVA album, toured and made the movie.
    Now he should devote his time to blink182 but what does he do.. he decides to split his time between his 2 bands.

    Now if he had done so when working on AVA, we would be fine with this (we’re not that demanding), however he took a year of from blink 182 and should now only focus them.

  6. Bob

    Joey says:

    “here comes Love 2, and even better, he wants it to be a double album, lol. it’s like a bad joke.”

    Thats exactly what this feels like, a bad joke. I really hope Tom can separate his ava bullshit from blink but I really don’t think he can. Blink 182 seems to just be this side project that he doesn’t really care about but he knows it will cash in for him, meanwhile he hopes to be able to cash in a little extra w/Love pt. 2 by plugging it along w/blink stuff that we actually care about.

    I have spent 10 years of my life absolutely enthralled w/blink 182, they literally have changed so many aspects of my life they’re almost like parents in a strange way. All of this AVA stuff now feels like tom is saying “fuck you!” to all of us that have been there for a long time. Wearing that bullshit love shirt on stage that whole last tour was so tasteless. He was just trying to plug ava that whole time to sell some more albums. I would love to think blink is back but I just don’t see it that way anymore.

  7. jaker182

    @Joey I completely agree with you. This is pretty much what I was thinking. I love AVA, and I’m sure their next CD will be great. Having said that, I think everyone had to be slightly disappointed? I mean regardless of the fact that Modlife is meant for “AVA”, when you combine this latest news with what we are constantly being told about Blink, it gets irritating. It was like 2 weeks ago that we were told Blink was only playing one show so they could spend the rest of the time working on the new album. Awesome. But then to hear that Tom is working on LOVE 2, and planning to tour kinda cancels that news out. Like I said, i don’t hate AVA at all, but I have yet to meet a single fan of theirs that hates Blink. If you were a Blink fan, you either became a fan of AVA or hated it.

    I’m not saying he should give up AVA completely, (or that Travis should give up whatever he does? or Mark should quit producing) but it would be nice if all 3 of them could give Blink their full attention for a few months. Really work on the next album and give us some light at the end of the Blink tunnel…

  8. Doggystylle

    hahahahaha magnious….seriously IDC about ava …dont worry guys blink will come thru, just ignore this AVA garbage

  9. david182

    too much ava talk, but isnt that what tom wants? just by him coming back to blink his crappy band(who has yet to put out a good cd) gets more love, cuz he gets less hating fans, but good job tom, cuz it looks like you just lost more fans ha! idk what he thinks hes putting out with ava, cuz it dosnt sound all that great, its just blink with alot of effects ha, he just reuses his boxcarracer and blink riffs, its pretty sad.

    it sad to say but i wish plus 44 will come back and blink will break up, why kill blink wiht a bad album that sounds like ava but with mark and better drumming?

  10. Brian McDirty

    All I gotta say is blink-182 is as good as dead. Stop bitching and accept the inevitable. Have a nice day.

  11. Cameron

    I dnt bielive some of you guys. just giving up on blink like that. Wow.

  12. sir tom

    ok.tom wouldnt be needing to fuckin get money from blink for AVA if he just put out a fuckin album…for FREE. i will admit i like both bands and have for a while but tom just wont be the same anymore AVA is what he wants and loves to do now and if tom was able to see his family 5 years ago when the arguing happened tings probably would be different. AVA has mind blowin shows and blink did too but i just dont see tom devoting his time to blink like he used to. its the way things are now. and i dont understand how AVA is “garbage” when they have been around for 5 years now and have had 3 albums. of course blink was bigger because they were around for so long and built up their fame. tom is always there for us no matter what band he is in he still creates music that people wanna hear and will always be successful with what he does.

  13. Skip182

    @sir tom: How does being around for 5 years and having 3 albums mean AVA isn’t garbage? All it means is that it’s been around for awhile. Also, you might want to rethink your whole “Tom didn’t make any money on his last AVA album, so why would he need money from Blink” argument.

  14. matty

    you all honestly need to relax. this is being blown way out of proportion.

  15. Foreverandafter

    fuck ava haters…. You are all fake blink fans… Maybe I dont like the music is travis doing, but he is a member of blink 182 and I respect him and his decision. I´m not insulting him everydays like “oh travis come back to blink, leave all your solo projects..I love blink!!!!” that´s pathetic…Tom delonge is free and I think I know how he loves his new music… maybe I´m a bit older than yours but you all need to grow up… It´s not possible that a “Blink fan” insults Tom for being in another band…and after all say “I love Blink 182″…How the fuck you love blink?? You all are insulting a member of blink everydays and you dont respect him… Sorry for my english, its not my native language

  16. Foreverandafter

    A true blink fan would never say things like “fuck ava, ava must to break up, noone in the u.s. wants to see them again!!! I hate to say this but When I see “blink fans” insulting Tom it makes me think.. If I were Tom I would never come back to Blink just to fuck off you all idiots, bunch of losers

  17. henrique

    uh, how does not liking ava make you not a blink fan?

  18. HeartAttack

    Henrique, that’s a damn good question lol. People are fucking delusional, that’s all.

  19. Dammit1791

    People need to relax.

  20. avaandblink

    guys calm down, u realize bitching isnt going to do anything, its not lke blink fans r better than ava fans, or ava fans better than blink fans, im a fan of both, some days i want ava, well more than blink now bcb ava is my fav, but i also need blink and want more music, just give them a chance to work

  21. Skip182

    The argument that what Tom and Travis are doing are the same is ludicrous. Travis isn’t doing anything to postpone production, while Tom is. Also, just because someone attacks Tom for his AVA connection does not mean they are a bad Blink fan because the 2 bands are not related. There are far too many Tom appologists here who need to realize this is a BLINK site, so when people hear Tom putting more effort and press into AVA, it is infact a slap in the face of Blink, and anyone who bothers to think rationally about it knows AVA is detrimental to Blink, while Blink is the only reason AVA even exists.

  22. sir tom

    my argument with the love album being free is that by putting out the album for free he knew what he was getting into and if he knew he wasgunna need money after doing he wouldnt of done it. and my argument with the albums is that if they were garbage then they wouldnt still be around they are still around because people do wanna hear their music if they didnt tom would of stoped AVA a while ago.

  23. Skip182

    @sir tom: but you also have to understand, when Tom decided to release the album for free, he had already gone on the Blink tour and cashed in. He had created a ton of good will amongst blink fans and gotten a big paycheck from the tour, while also getting a ton of free publicity from wearing the LOVE shirt every show. as for the garbage argument, i understand that it’s purely subjective, but as for your argument: i don’t think it has anything to do with people wanting to hear it. i saw AVA in st. louis a few months ago, and i was able to buy a ticket at the door the day of the show with no problem. ava couldn’t even sell out a tiny venue like the Pageant. do some want to hear it? sure. but tom is doing this for tom. don’t get me wrong, it’s his life, he can do whatever makes him happy. the problem i have is that he is being phony about his feelings toward blink. if he doesn’t want to do blink because he doesn’t enjoy the music anymore, then he just needs to man up and tell mark and travis, and stop jerking blink fans around.

  24. hannah_sm

    dude. if they didn’t want blink to continue then they wouldn’t be in the band. it’s that simple. they had already broken up once. why would they get back together if they didn’t truly want to?

  25. Juan182

    BLINK 182 no BRASIL UHU *–* Ja tou laa