Photo of Blink Rehearsing, From The Blinkumentary


Preparing to rock out ‘What’s My Age Again?’

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13 Responses to Photo of Blink Rehearsing, From The Blinkumentary

  1. vincentraybaker

    it’s nice to see thier doing “blink related” stuff, I was starting to worry….

  2. waldoJvL

    It looks really good!!

  3. mick dale

    If you look real close you can see an old tom delonge strat in tom’s guitar rack behind his vox/fender amps.

  4. justintall88

    If this is “Whats my age again”, then why is tom the only one singing

  5. henrique

    @justintall88: they aren’t playing yet, he’s just talking note how the caption reads “Preparing to” and travis’ position on the drums…

  6. hi4

    look at their studio…
    “Money makes the world go round-the world go round-the world go round”…

  7. waggy

    This doesnt look new though. its like its from the 2009 rehearsals for the tour. seriously.

  8. justintall88

    @henrique: ‘Now i feel like a dumbass….. good point

  9. vivalanewman

    Is it me, or is Mark wearing an Angels and Airwaves T-Shirt.
    Looks like i can just about see the ‘A’.

    Thats pretty cool if he is, haha.

  10. Johnny pooface

    looks like it might be an atticus shirt

  11. bob

    wow mark looks really skinny

  12. Blits

    Look! a new Blink 182 member.

  13. Chris

    Blits, it’s a guitar tech.