Tony Hawk Interviews Tom DeLonge


Thanks to No-Trend for sending this in!

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15 Responses to Tony Hawk Interviews Tom DeLonge

  1. Tyler

    when you fucked hitler? I WANNA HEAR THAT SONG!

  2. RonBurgundy

    good interview, i always forget about tony hawk i think most of us grew up with him aswell

  3. Blink-O

    i want to see the pink bass on tour!!

  4. iwfadita

    whats the song in the backround is that the new one i don’t think i’ve heard it ?

  5. Lena

    isn’t it all of this?

  6. chris

    all of this

  7. Blink-O

    u dont know “all of this”?!

    wow… just wow…

  8. Matt

    @iwfadita: The song is called “All of This.” It was on their self-titled album.

  9. mike

    its “all of this.” good interview, tom’s awesome

  10. Kevin J

    hahah i love how mark chimed in the last seconds!

  11. Gregory

    when you fucked hitler actually got changed to when you fucked grandpa.

  12. Travx

    yeah we all grew up with tony too its so awesome how blink brings us back to the old days i just cant wait for the tour

  13. Nick

    hahaha when you fucked hitler. i wonder if that was an actual song before when you fucked grandpa or if he was kidding. think the best part was mark at the end lol

  14. rob

    “when you fucked hitler” was the original name of “when you fucked grandpa”. the original title was too controversial.

  15. Blink182+44BoxcarAngels