Audio: Travis Barker Talks TRV$DJAM, Blink-182 Tour, & Kimmel Set List

Travis Barker was on KROQ’s Kevin & Bean show this morning.  He talked about TRV$ DJ-AM, blink-182, and more.  Listen here (excuse the gap, the KROQ site buffered for a few seconds when he’s talking about his kids):

[audio: | titles=Travis Barker Interview on KROQ | artists=Kevin and Bean (06.05.09) ]

He talked about the upcoming blink-182 tour:

Every Wednesday and Friday right now we’ve been rehearsing.  Going from songs like Carousel and Josie to a new song that we’ve been playing called Up All Night.

We usually only play for 45 minutes…it’s gonna be like 30 songs in an hour and a half.

On the upcoming Jimmy Kimmel outdoor mini-concert:

We are playing songs like Josie, Feeling This, Rock Show.  I think we’re playing like 6 or 8 songs.  I think 2 are televised and then the rest is like a mini concert.

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12 Responses to Audio: Travis Barker Talks TRV$DJAM, Blink-182 Tour, & Kimmel Set List

  1. Firemars

    So Up All Night it is.

  2. Dammit1791

    during the remix can anyone else hear talking?

  3. El Salvador

    I’m absolutely in love with Travis’ voice. Hahahahaha…

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  5. Lena

    Yeah, it’s called “Up all night”.
    I liked that name best.

  6. gompy182

    i still hope that they televise the whole jimmy kimmel set for the international people.
    would be awesome for me

  7. DoCo21

    Travis Barker is a punk, I beat his as* at a bar one night.

  8. jeff

    up all night sounds like aliens exist lyrics.

  9. laura

    barker says “uuuhm” all the time, its so cute!

  10. Lena

    I love his voice xD

  11. chris

    the rest of the set can be seen online at jimmy kimmel all u tv people

  12. Liam Henry

    i bet they only televised 2 will be rock show and feeling thin there not playing anything diffrent 🙁