The 182 Online Tour Section

We’ve added a tour section to 182 Online!  You can check out the tour dates here with links to all of the latest ticketing sites, supporting acts, etc.  On our forums there’s a topic for every show!  Did you get tickets for a date?  Post it there.  When the shows roll around it will be your main source for photos, videos, reviews and more!

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20 Responses to The 182 Online Tour Section

  1. Tonyc9


  2. darthryan

    has anyone else tried to get tickets for the first show in vegas? there is no where to purchase the tickets on the ticketmaster site they posted. i wonder if they messed up on the date.

  3. kieran

    Pre-sale is tomorrow for Vegas. Modlife is wrong.

  4. Brandon

    I think modlife was wrong too, Ticketmaster says the 28th and I just called them and they confirmed

  5. lplp

    I GOT MY TICKETS FOR fl tampa!

  6. Lena

    This site is awesome.

    But I live in fucking Germany. ._.

  7. shibley182

    got my tickets for montreal

  8. phillaay

    woooo! I got my ticketss for Philly 🙂

  9. 18244ava


  10. rawr182


  11. Karina

    Did anyone get front row or orchestra tics.???

  12. Freiteez

    i had tickets in orchestra for Irvine, CA…right when i hit enter it said “credit card failed” and sent me back to the beginning then all the choices for tickets where Quantity 1 (but me and my gf are going). so screw it, either going to the show in Burbank or getting the tix from Mr. Hoppus himself.

  13. Freiteez

    i meant Bakersfield not Burbank lol

  14. jeffgq

    west palm here…had pit tickets for a second but livenation sucks donkey balls and it didnt go 17th row center..whateva!!!

  15. jeffgq

    freit…i kept getting quantity “1”- only choice for a while as well…livenation treated me good for incubus, but this was a total joke this morning!

  16. henrique

    I think they’re limiting one per person so everyone can try and get tickets.

  17. Freiteez

    jeffgq… yeah I think ill go to bakersfield and try to get VIP again…i dunno, im like exactly in the middle of Irvine and Bakersfield lol. Plus Mark is gonna sell tickets for irvine on June 6th but I dunno if they will be VIP…?

  18. jeffgq

    no, they’re not limiting it to one person. that would be idiotic. they’re site just sucks ass is the deal

  19. Blink180-Topher

    I don’t really get it, I went through the fan club pre sale, and I have a citi card and still didn’t get great seats. Livenation does blow crap, I called live nation and the box office was surprised I didn’t get better seats…I was like surprised oh wow thanks, that doesn’t get me better seats. Whatever, next chance is mansfield. Wooo

  20. Always 182

    Can’t wait for the tour to come to Cleveland, OH!