Live Nation Explains Missing Tour Dates

Forum member Farid182 e-mailed Live Nation asking about missing tour dates on their site.

They responded with:

Dear Patron,

Thank you for contacting Live Nation Customer Care with your inquiry!

Please be aware that Live Nation is not handling ticketing for all dates on the Blink 182 tour. For the most up-to-date information regarding onsale times for Blink 182 events not listed on, please contact the venue where the event is going to be held or visit the artist’s official website, and

Please respond to this e-mail if we can be of further assistance regarding this or any other inquiry.

Live Nation Customer Care

Maybe this will clear up any confusion people have had regarding disappearing dates from Live Nation.

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13 Responses to Live Nation Explains Missing Tour Dates

  1. Orian

    I have a feeling this means I’m going to be paying out the ass for tickets.

  2. Julie

    That sucks. So now my $20 ticket will cost $80 on some other “ticket” site. Wonderful…

  3. justin

    I’m sure that the $20 ticket price is going to stay and I’m sure the venues are in charge of the ticket prices seeing as free parking is included with $20 tickets.

  4. Skip182

    This is lame. It shouldn’t be this hard to get tickets. Ticketmaster may charge you an arm and a leg, but at least it’s convenient.

  5. jeffgq

    who cares about missing tour dates…the shows they’re playing are on livenation, deal with it. get in your car if you have to.. a MUCH more important question is, where the f*ck is the password for the pre-sale that starts at 10am on wednesday???????

  6. Mike

    Dude these tickets if yo dont want to be a mile away are fucking expensive!

  7. Robbie

    I was going to go to either Montreal or Toronto, but since the Montreal trip is missing and would have been harder to get to I’ll just go to toronto >_>

  8. Matt

    lol, these tickets are definately not 20-60. not unless you wanna bring some binoculars.

    $ 364 PIT tickets in STL.


  9. fuck

    i care why

  10. Boner

    What the fuck is going on with the tickets. They need to learn how to relay information properly.

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  12. jeffgq

    ^^ $364 for pit tickets. I don’t buy into that for a second. no tickets have even gone on sale yet for fuck sakes! maybe stubhub or some other rip off scalper site has posted them already at that price because that’s what they do…but you would be a total idiot to go that route!

  13. Always 182

    Live Nation seems to be screwing people on all sorts of things now.