Blink-182 Tour Openers Speak To MTV


Blink-182 Tour Openers Possibly More Excited Than You Are

Panic at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday, Chester French and Asher Roth can’t wait to hit the road with reunited trio.

Blink-182‘s multi-band summer extravaganza — a.k.a. “the tour that may or may not be called One-Way Ticket to Bonerville” — doesn’t kick off until July 24, but it’s already a huge deal … and not just for long-suffering Blink fans, but for the bands Blink are taking on the road too.

Last week, MTV News spoke to Fall Out Boy’s Pete Wentz, who called his band’s slot on the bill “a dream come true.” And as we’ve spoken to the other acts on the tour — a list that also includes Weezer, the All-American Rejects, Panic at the Disco, Taking Back Sunday, Asher Roth and Chester French — we’ve been hearing much of the same.

“We got asked by Blink-182 to join them on their big tour, and we could not turn it down,” Panic drummer Spencer Smith told MTV News. “We’re huge fans of that band. They’re kind of the reason we started the band.”

“We were absolutely thrilled,” Chester French’s D.A. Wallach said. “This is the first tour I think we’ve ever done with artists that we ourselves had gone to see, and to be out here with musicians who have inspired us is like the coolest thing an up-and-coming artist could ask for. We’re thrilled. I mean, I’ve seen Blink-182 when I was a kid and Weezer when I was in college, so this is a huge deal for us. Hopefully we can collaborate with some people or learn some things.”

And even if they’ve been around the block a time or two — like Taking Back Sunday, who actually toured with Blink back in 2004 — they’re still beyond excited to hit the road with Mark, Tom and Travis again.

“It’s really huge for us, because we grew up with Blink-182, so for them to call and ask us to join them again on the road, it just feels really nice,” TBS frontman Adam Lazzara said. “It’s funny, because the last tour they did before their hiatus, we were on that tour as well. So it’s nice of them to ask again. It’s like they can’t live without us.”

“For us, that tour was our first time being in arenas and amphitheaters and stuff like that,” TBS bassist Matt Rubano added. “So it really kind of exposed us to a new way of playing shows. And, of course, getting to watch Blink every night shred 10,000-and-above audiences was really inspiring and gave us a little bit of an education in how to do it. And we’ve had the chance to then go on and do it ourselves. It was helpful. And listen to Tom tell awesome di– jokes every night. You really can’t beat that.”

Of course, other artists on the bill have ulterior motives for saying yes to Blink. And really, you can’t blame them.

“It’s gonna be real fun,” Asher Roth said. “Travis [Barker] and I have a large respect for each other, so I’m pretty sure he was the one who was like, ‘Yo, let’s get Asher to come rock with us,’ so I’m very excited. We got to spend some time in Vegas together, so hopefully the reunion tour leads to many more Vegas trips.”

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  1. Dammit1791

    Trav just wanted Asher so he can talk to someone about Hip-Hop. haha. I like Asher though i’ve heard 4 of his songs and I like them all.

  2. carly

    I hate how I can’t see these mtv videos cause of the region issue’s >:O

  3. Droncz92

    Holy Crap I didnt realize TBS was playing too.

  4. Orian

    I’m getting really fucking sick of all of this MTV horse shit. I’m Canadian, dammit, I shouldn’t be blocked from US sites. Especially ones as terrible as MTV’s.

  5. Ursedo

    strange, I’m from switzerland and can watch them without any problems

  6. Orian

    Well of COURSE you can watch it, everyone knows Switzerland is neutral. MTV just doesn’t trust that Canada will side with the US when the Zombie Wars begin.

  7. Blink182+44BoxcarAngels

    @ Orian

    LoL at that last comment. it is weird that cant view from canada tht sucks, u have gd point tho mtv is a terrible station, blink is the 1st good thing they had on it in years.

  8. gompy

    for people who cant watch it, you didnt miss anything

  9. John Wade

    Does any one have tickets for the vancouver show?

  10. Orian

    Tickets aren’t on sale for another 9 days.

  11. John Wade

    Are you sure cause its been taken down for the vancouver show from

  12. I Miss You 182

    This sounds like it’s going to be one heck of an awesome tour. I’m pretty freaking excited.